Friday, 1 April 2011

Equilibrium's Darkmoore Jousting Tournament (Mounted Combat) - video link inside

After having our Mounted Tournament event cancelled on Sunday due to Qiqa's siege, I hosted it on the following Sunday.

Thane Solus, who was frapsing everything edited a video and uploaded it on youtube:

I think it's great because it involves us, but it might not be so great for others :p

Just know that Mounted Combat is great fun and I think the event went well.

If anyone wants to know, here are the detailed Tournament results:

Round 1:

Yanick vs Tiax = Yanick Won
Daetas vs Satine = Daetas won
Thane vs Gugnir = Gugnir won
Carac vs Jack = Carac won
Clansman vs Ewenzy = Clans won
Owyn vs Meddea = Owyn won
Siulka vs Jack = Jack won

Round 2:

Yanick vs Satine = Yanick won
Daetas vs Gugnir = Daetas won
Thane vs Jack = Jack won
Carac vs Ewenzy = Carac won
Clansman vs Meddea = Meddea won
Owyn vs Siulka = Owyn won
Tiax vs Gugnir = Gugnir won

The 8 finalists and points:

With 2 points: Daetas, Yanick, Carac and Owyn
With 1,5 points: Jack and Gugnir (they had 3 duels instead of 2)
With 1 point: Clansman and Meddea

Sudden Death Phase:

Daetas vs Yanick = Yanick won

Carac vs Owyn = Carac won

Yanick vs Carac = Carac won

Jack vs Gugnir = Gugnir won

Clansman vs Meddea = Clansman won

Gugnir vs Clansman = Gugnir won


Carac vs Gugnir = Carac won!

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