Thursday, 21 April 2011

Move to Mar Shral [analepsis #1]

The timeline in this blog is getting screwed up, but I had this post already drafted and would be a waste to trash it :( The objective is to report the location shift in my clan's base of operations which took place on a sunday, after I had joined them on friday. The story goes as follows:

We have moved to Mar Shral city, which is located on the border of alfar and human lands. Most people would just teleport from one place to the other, but not me!

To complement the journey I'm going to embark on, I decide I'm going to go look for PvP alone, which I have never done in the past. I leave Aerngardh and move north almost to Lost Untilik. I remember the existance of a bear at this place, which would get stuck between 2 pillars but it doesn't spawn nor do I see the 2 pillars (maybe they were removed from game?). I turn east, passing through Uqtu hamlet and into mainland Niflheim. I go south-east on the direction of Crystal Coast on northern Agon. I reach it and so far, I haven't seen one person yet.

As I have a small map resting in my bank for a while now (which I got from a chaos chest in Yssam - first and only good thing to ever come out from one for me), and is marked just outside Skarannibean hamlet. I decide to go to Issam Ruins (and use its bank to take the small map) and go to the X-spot to dig it up. All the time I'm thinking that with my luck, of course I'm gonna die but that thought falters when I unearth the treasure and soldier on, alive, with 6k gold and some other stuff on my backpack. 

I gotta say, one of the good perks of this temporary Eclipse alliance, is the huge quantity of holdings one can bind in. And as such, I carry on to Isturak hamlet to bank the treasure, before moving on with my trip.

I decide this is a great opportunity to visit nearby Andruk city and to explore its caves where I notice the Escalibur-like sword etched into stone inside the mountain. Tour finished and I move on to Mar Shral without any complications or delays.

Albeit this happened on a Friday night, I couldn't stop but notice how sad it is to see great cities devoided of player activity and to be able to travel from Niflheim to Humand lands without ever seeing another player.

Anyways, we're still living in Mar Shral and as I have reported in other posts, we're having fun :=)

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