Wednesday, 6 April 2011

To zerg or not to zerg! Practical examples: EoA and NO-SUN War

Following the last post which described the siege on Darkmoore (and my brutal and heroic slaughter of a SUN SG of course :D alongside my clan friend by mistake :( ), I would like to talk about zerging, nutcupping and other related urban dictionary terms.

I'm not going to invent the wheel or change the spirit of this topic as there is no way of having what people like to call a "fair fight". Which standard should be used to judge if a fight is fair? By the same amount of people? By the skill of people involved? How do you measure skill and how do you compare it in terms of players?

It's impossible, of course, and the reason why it creates so much drama in Forumfall (by the way, I like this term for Darkfall's forums... it has some distinctiveness to it). Even though people can troll and complain about everything, even that the earth is not flat, when it comes to scientific stuff, the trolling is easier to tone down. But as what one considers a zerg, is all but a precise science, posting counts in Forumfall get easily on the high thousands (well not easily... you do have to put some effort into it).

Coming back to the Darkmoore siege, we were attacked by what seemed like overall better players and characters (just like in the Qiqa siege when we were attacked by Malus Spiritus). When this happens, it is the job of the not so good players to try to counter their enemies' skills with numbers. And this shouldn't be called a zerg or nutcupping afterwards, because it was an even fight skill wise.

Also, if you rule out bringing in friends, allies or even mercs into fights, then you take away a big part of the game: diplomacy and political strategy. When someone attacks a clan, he shouldn't expect to face just that clan, but all the political might behind it. And this should be OK.

But then, the trolling wheels start to spin on the forums and people care about what others think of them ( which is indeed important). I'll give 2 practical examples, in which I had no involvement: Elders of Agon losing their city in Niflheim and the recent NO-SUN war.

When EoA were first sieged, some Equilibrium guys who were friendly with them, went to assist them. I guess that some other alliance members who had nothing better to do at the time, also went to have fun. This was promptly called out on the forums, by the attackers (who lost the first siege) as a hidden alliance and that sieging like this was impossible... They sieged again and this time, Equilibrium (or the equilibrium members who were friends with EoA) decided not to send any aid (also because I think EoA are ARAC and the attacking clan was RAC, and we are supposed not to deal with ARAC; and the leaders of EoA and the attacking clan decided it that way).

Nonetheless, the point I'm trying to make is that the propaganda spewed in the forums, really made us think if we should help out or not and I think that, eventually, made the leader of EoA abdicate their friends' help, so as not to seem like wimps. It shouldn't be this way.

Regarding the "NO-SUN War", there is a big alliance going against SUN. It fielded short of 300 members (according to Tsalarian Crystalshard's thread... you know who... just that SG from SUN, I VICIOUSLY KILLED just the other day) against 100+ on SUN's side (or similar numbers, don't really care... the point is SUN is heavily outnumbered). Is it fair? ...
SUN has had a good life and they have created a lot of antibodies, wether it be from screwing others or just because they are the most powerful clan in-game. The fact is, they should be able to get allies or friends to come help them in this most dire of times. If they are not able to, it's because their DF lifestyle hasn't been conducive to that possibility and begs to question if they shoudln't have prepared for this.

Diplomacy is important and you should always think about who your friends are or can be. Some like to play the "alone style" and just walk right in with melee pwning everyone. But they forget that others play the "strenght in numbers" game and someone help us if that gamestyle doesn't suit the loner type.

Simplistic conclusion would be: there are no zergs only lack of allies.

To recycle the purpose of this thread, brushing on the "NO-SUN" war (it would be fun if all the major wars had titles and their ownn entries in Darkfall wikipedia), I think that SUN will keep losing a few holdings. The self siege tactic can't last forever and I'm not seeing anyone coming to their aid in the short term (nor will SUN be desperate enough to get it in a serious manner). The Eclipse coallition won't try to take all of SUN's holdings and for those who say that they will just keep the best ones, don't forget that the coallition isn't one clan (like in the SUN-Zagenda war: how about naming it Zagenda-Zappear War? - as in disappear .p) and there are a lot of wants/needs/egos to soothe (I'm sure).

There are still a lot of powers who have not engaged in this conflict yet, so you might see them joining in +/- 2 weeks. If SUN manages to keep their memberbase, they will still be an excellent ally candidate and the coallition will have many good holdings to be conquered. If this doesn't happen, all European are pixel huggers! :)

Disclaimer 1 - In case irony and joking is not conveyed properly in my posts, I'm joking about me killing Tsalarian in a vicious and heroic manner. Myself and a friend caught him half health, semi-naked, in the middle of pve.
Disclaimer 2 - I talk a lot about things I am not involved with nor do I have specific knowledge about, so just take it as a superficial opinion on matters.

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