Monday, 18 April 2011

Sunday Events: Sieges by SUN

Since my last post, I have rode all the way from Aerngardh in Niflheim to Mar Shral in Human Lands. There were a lot of PvP encounters and other stories to tell but so as not to lose the timeframe of current events, I'll write about yesterday's sieges instead.

There isn't much to talk about really as I got pissed off at the whole thing and hadn't planned properly to get me trough the evening.

First things first: 6PM: around 7 of Coldblooded ride out from Mar Shral. Objective: reach Tiquiya or Western Tlaloc (can't remember exactly now). We first go to the city of Alberworth, to the east, killing just a few humans and passing by some allies who we initially attack by mistake. When we arrive, we notice the portal chamber is destroyed, so we kindly repair it only to find out it had a 1 hour timer until it was back online.

No problems we think... we'll just ride a bit more to the north to Gulghat city. But instead of riding, someone remembers to go by boat... more precisely a pinnace. After 30 minutes of "you are riding my pinnace jokes" on mumble, we are finally all aboard the ship and then someone spawns another pinnace. After yet another 30 mintutes of jokes regarding "whose pinnace was larger", we finally set off. Of  course, guys in one ship started attacking the other ship with cannons, and vice-versa. A raft was spawned and almost destroyed but no matter, we had arrived at Gulghat.

Unspawn ships... ride a bit... and the city was razed... god damn it! Eventually, people are called to Sandstone hamlet, so we just port back to Mar Shral and ride to it. Lots of lag, lots of people, lots of infernal/dragon/etc, the usual... We wait around a bit and then leave to the outskirts of Hammerdale city. There we wait a bit more and eventually SUN appear charging away.

It was very very laggy for me and with a lot of breaks. I pointed my crosshair to people to get a read on their tags, looking for enemies to bow down, but the lag was such that their names/clans didn't even show up.

I'll try to give a short resume of what happened from my perspective: SUN attack and we fight back while stepping back. Then they seem to retreat a bit and then, they come back and kill/gank me. After they kill/gank me, they run away and we seem to have won the battle (just my f*ing luck). I'm not sure yet but I think most of the alliance was stepping back towards the hamlet and me and a few others were stepping back to the west. So when SUN started to retreat they must of passed through us and killed, at least me :(

Then I spawn back in Mar Shral (and I rage a bit) because I have to ride back to Sandstone hamlet. I put a gear bag on and ride out... BIG MISTAKE! There are 2 SUN killing people like me who are travelling from MS to Sandstone... and there I go again! Now I got really pissed... because I should of rode out wearing robes and geared up in the hamlet. Disgruntled, I ride out again from MS on a pig, and go through a different route.

I arrive at the battle location and noone could tell some 200 people (figure on top of my head) had clashed there just moments ago. The grass was immaculately clean of any temporary debris also known as player graves. There were just a few which I checked to see if I could minimize my losses but nothing of valuable in them... I can't rage too much, since I am not sure that I was looted by my alliance and there are others who lost much more valuable stuff like dragon/infernal sets... I lost FP and my only Justicebringer and keened Silverbranch :( :( (my preciouzzz!!)

Meanwhile, people have already moved to the south coast where they boarded 5 (?) ships to take them to Eslingar hamlet. I try to reach them with my trusty pig but they depart before my arrival. By this time, it's already 9-9.30 PM and I decide to go make dinner while I leave my favourite pig to auto-swim to Eslingar. As I'm finishing to make dinner, I go check on Darkfall and notice that I'm next to the ships so I just turn to the island they were closest to. I emo-rage again because I went to the wrong island... Eslingar was on a neighbouring island..

Pressured by the fact that dinner was made and the sieges were still gonna last a long time and demoralized by the lag and having lost 2 ready bags already... I just log off and miss the rest of the action/fun!

Overall, these big sieges are exciting until the actual fight starts (mainly, because of the lag and breaks that make the game unplayable). I need gear badly!


  1. Hey, I saw your name a few times in this vid of Dragon King:

    Might be nice to watch / blog about :)

  2. I saw the beginning and thought it was about our/mine 2 raids to Greece so far: 1 win and 1 fail (although for some odd reason I wasn't killed in the fail one).

    Then I saw Darkmoore and I thought it was about the times when I was in Equilibrium, but doesn't seem like it.

    Then I finally saw the Devil part. We are the most unlucky bunch in the server! And I'll write about it eventually.

    Next post is gonna be about our boat trip yesterday to Zaghuroth and Mehatil to check if their walls' foundations were secure enough :)

    I'll try to post about our fail devil afterwards.

    Thanks for commenting :)