Tuesday, 26 April 2011

New clan change |||| Tu...ghri, or not Tu...ghri, Devil runs and going red! [analepsis #2]

On current events: This will be the end of the analepsis and a change of my casual blog adventures (no, I am not going to cancel). I went away for the Easter weekend and when I came back, some guys had left Coldblooded to form a new clan: Wanted. I like everyone in both clans but as I had more friends (including ex-azure members) in the new "Wanted" clan, I also moved out. Best of luck to the guys that stay with Coldblooded though.

Now, getting back to the last adventures from my time with Coldblooded: I have been PvPing more since I joined Coldblooded and this included a few PvP trips to my homeland: Elf country, after we had moved to Mar Shral. I participated in 2 of them and they invariably included a stop by Moradar hamlet and Tughri city which belongs to Greece clan (a friendly group of people who are very liberal on who can bind at their city).

The PvP run then turns north and I have never followed because it includes, among others, attacking Darkmoore (my old clan's home). I'm sure one day I won't feel bad for attacking them but for now, it doesn't feel right.

So, the raids on Tughri... the first one went well and the other one failed. We were 4 players in both of them and in the first, we attacked by south: 2 of us went in, drew them outside where me and another clan member waited behind a rock, to drive our swords through them. This time, we were victorious and it felt good!

On the second raid, 4 of us were coming in through the north. As we approach the city, we hear the same spells being cast over and over, with the sound coming from the high plateau connected to the city by 2 bridges. We go up to the city, hugging its walls and go to the plateau, thinking of the good amount of reagents we would get from the player who was leveling spellchanting. Of course in order to do this, we step on the grid of the city, quickly sounding the alarm and pressing the inhabitants to arms. Oblivious to what was going on, we kill the robbed leveler and the loot is not that great.

I then go through the bridge, again facing the city, to check things out and I see one guy coming out followed by another 3. The magic is strong with them and I get blasted off the bridge, leaving fight and death to continue roving on it. It seems this was my luck as my mates are killed and I run away back from whence I came (I think they only killed 2 as another guy also managed to run away).

Regarding Devil runs, we did 2 to the bloke in the Pall. The first time, we saw a lot of graves in the place and no devil around to spawn. We got attacked soon afterwards and died. The 2nd time, we knew the Devil was being killed, so we wait for them to be close to the end (we just estimated this) and then we ninja attacked them. As we were about to wipe them, High Dro and his gang came in and killed us and the remaining guys we attacked first, so they got 14(?) graves + the Devil's loot. I hate them ! .p
In short, Devil is a pvp hotspot for the opportunistic, which is to say, everyone playing Darkfall :)

In the middle of this, I got red and decided not to care about it. I'm not about to spend most precious gold on recovering from it. Also, I think it was hindering the full game experience. Now, I just kill at will and do not care. I feel free! This is not to say I don't pitty new players and spare them death, but if by chance, I entered a dungeon to find 2 guys pveing there, like it happened 1,5 months ago, I wouldn't hesitate to try to kill them anymore.

Well, that is it from the Coldblooded times. From now on, I'll post about my new life living in a chaos city for the first time and the adventures attached to it. I already saw that dog Kranky, in Espenhal, yesterday night.

Small Note: I was very low on greatswords, as usual, so I bought 5 r50s and 2 r60s down in Ashatan village (in an island, beyond the southern coast of Agon mainland). So hurrah, for that! :)

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  1. Any update on how Wanted has gone since you joined them?