Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Apo Fury: well chosen surname

At the behest of Utar Usher, I logged in to Darkfall yesterday night, in the same old place: Lost Untilik crazy asylum. Not having much to do, I decided to go visit Aerngardh city to the south, as I often do when I have nothing else to do and where Pain Killers (partially) reside.

After checking the nearby dungeon and finding it devoided of human players, I proceeded into the city with a pickaxe in hand. There it was... the juicy mine all alone! As I checked the surroundings and prepared to start leeching it, I hear a blindm (I think... it was one of those screaming spells) being cast. At first, I think I am about to get attacked but as time moves on and the blind is constantly and periodically being cast, I realise it is someone leveling magic.

Tuesday, 10 May 2011

My most pathetic raid yet: Dagnamyr and Raiding in sexeh Robes

As usual, I start writing an entry then I store it in drafts, time passes... and the drafted entry gets out of context. Nonetheless, I ignore the timeline problems and complete the entry and post it! As such, this entry is about some raids we did one night, in Wanted, still living in Ottenhal (before we moved to Lost Untilik city):

Ok... I'm a casual player, as I state several times and I'm not that good. I've played Darkfall for 10 months (or around that) and my character isn't complete newberish and I am somewhat proud of it, even though it does not compare with probably more than half the server (I have 363 hp, if that can be used to form any sort of judgement). But what happened in Dagnamyr completly imasculated my elvish person...

Monday, 9 May 2011

Settling in: Lost Untilik

Despite all the setbacks explained in my previous post, we managed to transfer Lost Untilik without much problems. Only Tyrant (our leader back in Coldblooded) and Lord Cadaver suicide attacked and were dealt with swiftly. Talking about buthurt people who just can't let go, Ceron and company destroyed our portal exit in Inmak hamlet. Must be a lonely life :(

So getting back to the cold north. Lost Untilik is nice because it is calm and secluded but it is also a pain because we need to swim everywhere to get anything done (pve and pvp). But as people have been resting a bit after the non-stop work during the weekend, in the end, it's nice.

Monday, 2 May 2011

Bank theft and betrayal: always a shock

Our clan bank has been stolen by Ceron Eternal who in conspiracy with Gorglir Eternal and Captain Nemo have created their own clan. These 2 last had joined Elders of Agon so they could ninja loot in the war between SUN and Eclipse, as they liked to brag about. I hear they were kicked :\

This is disturbing also at a personal level because this was a person with whom I talked on mumble and laughed around. How can he then turn against us without any explanation and without answering any PMs. It is even more sad because of all the surrounding context. I'll explain this weekend and the events that unfolded this Sunday, late at night (like robbers operate).

The clan Wanted was created 1 or 2 weeks ago and as I have been telling in the blog, we have been living around chaos cities, having fun. First, we lived in Ottenhal, near the centre and 1 week ago, we moved to Tolenque, in Yssam. We have then decided to acquire a holding and we ended up acquiring 2: Inmak (hamlet near centre) and Lost Untilik (city in Niflheim). As we had very little gold, we have been pveing like crazy during this weekend: kill erodach, dark dragon and baradron; rinse and repeat.

We managed to gather 450k gold to acquire both the hamlet, city, siege stones and other mats required. Through all of this pve, Ceron has been on our side helping out constantly and having fun.

Late at night, he stole our clan bank, left and created a new clan. He has now destroyed our portal exit in Inmak hamlet. He has contacted the Nomads SG, owner of LU, saying that we are trying to scam him on the trade. These are all actions of a very troubled person, who despite being able to play and laugh alongside people, had been faking it so he could steal them afterwards... I wouldn't have that ability to fake so much...

I'm very disappointed that I have lost a semi-friend, because even though this is a game, we do talk on a daily basis in mumble and we get to know people and be used to their humour.

He is also known for having stolen MAG (?) clan bank, who joined TFK later (?), a long while ago. He told us he had been abused by them and that was why he had stolen 55k from their cbank. I now believe he really stole it just for the pleasure of the action and not in retaliation for a bad action done upon him.

It's a sad night.