Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Apo Fury: well chosen surname

At the behest of Utar Usher, I logged in to Darkfall yesterday night, in the same old place: Lost Untilik crazy asylum. Not having much to do, I decided to go visit Aerngardh city to the south, as I often do when I have nothing else to do and where Pain Killers (partially) reside.

After checking the nearby dungeon and finding it devoided of human players, I proceeded into the city with a pickaxe in hand. There it was... the juicy mine all alone! As I checked the surroundings and prepared to start leeching it, I hear a blindm (I think... it was one of those screaming spells) being cast. At first, I think I am about to get attacked but as time moves on and the blind is constantly and periodically being cast, I realise it is someone leveling magic.

After unimaginable riches passed through my mind, I look and look but can't find the juicy reagent carrier, all the meanwhile getting hit by the zap towers and thinking to myself that I am attracting too much attention.

I give up on the hidden caster and go to the bank where I see a big Wall of Force sticking out of the building... muahahhahahah... I've finally found something! I go inside the building and there they are, Apo Fury, SG of Pain Killers and one other guy, both in robes. After quickly killing and ganking them, I just find 400 arrows and some 230 resin in the graves... which is not much :( But better than nothing!

As I run out, I see a dark skinned alfar midget running towards and then past me, with the spawn protection ON and with a look in his eyes that revealed pissed off determination. Yes... it was Apo Fury running to the bank very furious looking!

Long story short, I rode my slow mount back to my city and I was pretty sure Apo was gonna chase me to get revenge. Unfortunately, he only caught me near Lost Untilik where my clan members were already warned of his presence and killed him. He must of gotten double Furious (not that he was carrying anything of real worth though so he probably wasn't)!

After this episode I thought that instead of going back to my city, I could have ninja-followed him to the bank and wait for him to get a suicide bag and drop his protection. Then, I could kill him again while he was gearing up and with low health. Maybe next time I'll think of this!

Anyways, this isn't much to talk about... but as my blog lacked an update, this was the best "adventure" I could find in short notice. To better days and to better stories!!!

TL;DR version: I went to Aerngardh, killed 2 semi-afk players and came back home...


  1. Cheers for posting, I'm sure most people find most anything written about DF from the inside is interesting. Be it short "non"-stories like this, or epic siege reports...

    About Equilibrium, hmm, I think I was deemed a non-worthy squire after 3-4 months. Probably due to being all to outspoken about politics I should not stick my beardy nose (lots of hair on a dwarf) in. I thinks someone thought me a spy to :( ugly business (hence the quick judgement and no notice, can't come up with a better explanation for that) best left for the past.


  2. After a much consideration i must admit, your blog is getting really boring. I mean nothing is happening, when i go to the toilet there is more action!

    Start writing some more and i might keep on reading.


  3. the blog mimicks my in-game activities.

    And FUCK YOU!

  4. May I just add that that was an evil impersonator, most likely another drunk dwarf...

    For real, your blog is great, keep it up.


  5. i think you mean apo fury is army of shit i mean army of death... n u eed to do more pvp with wanted ive had some gd fights with them but never see your name?