Monday, 9 May 2011

Settling in: Lost Untilik

Despite all the setbacks explained in my previous post, we managed to transfer Lost Untilik without much problems. Only Tyrant (our leader back in Coldblooded) and Lord Cadaver suicide attacked and were dealt with swiftly. Talking about buthurt people who just can't let go, Ceron and company destroyed our portal exit in Inmak hamlet. Must be a lonely life :(

So getting back to the cold north. Lost Untilik is nice because it is calm and secluded but it is also a pain because we need to swim everywhere to get anything done (pve and pvp). But as people have been resting a bit after the non-stop work during the weekend, in the end, it's nice.

I did go with some others to Aernghard, which has sexy juicy mine. We were 4 and stayed there for a long time until they started porting in and killed 3 of us, leaving only 1 unscathed, to come back home filled with riches in his pockets. Since then, I've visited them 3 times and was never attacked while leeching the mine.

Wanted now has 19 members and we are hoping to grow to 30 or around that number.We're having fun and I hope that we have put all the betrayals in our past and don't have to deal with anymore of that.
To compensate for the non-funny and more informative type of post, here is a video :D

Wanted clan trailer:

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