Friday, 20 July 2012

Dungeon Awesome!

[these are events that took place in the beginning of last week]

I hadn't mentioned it before: I'm living in Ottenhal chaos city (located north east of centre Agon). I have very fond memories of the place because when I was in Wanted clan and we lived there for 1 or 2 weeks, we had a great time.

And the reasons I liked it back then remain the same ones as to why I'm liking it today: it is well located for mobs and dungeons, there is a friendly atmosphere around the bank (friendly might be too strong a word...) and something tends to happen every day (mostly some raids though rare they may be). I think the other chaos cities, at least the one to the south of the centre, is much more bloodthirsty and combat is prone to happen much more around the bank (just the other day when i was there some stupid naked guy who had just respawned in the chaos stone, went to the bank, got a dawnrazor sword and killed me while I was wearing robes... this would be unthinkable in dear sweet Ottenhal :D).

I see a lot of The Mithril Brootherhood around the place but they never attacked me so they're cool cats on my book .p Tried talking with one of them but he never replied, which lead me to wonder if the clan was one of those russian blobs i keep reading about in the forums. I've also read or heard that the russian blob is red army but by this time, my brain is already hurting so I don't try to get to the bottom of this mysterious russian blob.

So, the inhabitans of Ottenhall don't attack each other inside the city which makes it a very agreeable place to live in (it has a love boat feel to it).

Back to the story and eventually to explain the reason of the entry title...

Monday, 16 July 2012

Founding the Clan and life as a Red

So, after my initial incursion in-game in the dwarf lands, I went out-game to take a few breaths and posted back and forth on Duchy of Wessex's forums, about starting our own clan in Darkfall.

Just a short introduction as to why I'm registered on the Duchy's forums: During Darkfall beta (and before), I was a member of the 'Fist of Europe' clan, which was a vassal clan for Kirdain, which was an ally of the Duchy of Wessex and member of the Kingdom of Wessex (I think I'm getting all the terminologies right!). Good times when the vassal of the ally of the vassal of the vassal still managed to have 25 members. Nowadays, we would be a power house!!

So, even though I wasn't a member of the Duchy per se, I was registered in their forums and always kept more or less, note of them and their developments. The whole idea is very interesting to me, to RP a medieval society with different types of bonds and realities that only a game like Darkfall, despite all its flaws (which have been diminished considerably since launch in my opinion) and short comings regarding clan management/personalization, could provide a setting for.

Following a mass email from Manus, I went to check the forums once again and there I found a few people still interested in the Duchy and interested in playing Darkfall 1.0. In conclusion, myself, Duncan Brockmoore and Ormal Nehutvc, founded the Duchy of Wessex in Darkfall EU1. Duncan and Ormal were old members of the Duchy who had stopped playing a long time ago.

In short, we're trying to get a little something something going.

Me and Duncan are red, so we have to live bound to chaos cities and chaos bindstones and Ormal started a new human character.

Sunday, 8 July 2012

Darkfall Comeback! [EU1 Server]

So, I went ahead and resubscribed to Darkfall.

Receiving both the promotion e-mail from Aventurine with the lower subscription price + 20x leveling, plus the mass email from Duke Manus of Wessex, got me reading again and getting hyped.

There is no MMORPG like Darkfall (yet) and having stopped playing 1 year ago, I decided to jump in again, and drunk on Saturday night, resubscribed.