Sunday, 8 July 2012

Darkfall Comeback! [EU1 Server]

So, I went ahead and resubscribed to Darkfall.

Receiving both the promotion e-mail from Aventurine with the lower subscription price + 20x leveling, plus the mass email from Duke Manus of Wessex, got me reading again and getting hyped.

There is no MMORPG like Darkfall (yet) and having stopped playing 1 year ago, I decided to jump in again, and drunk on Saturday night, resubscribed.

I spawned near an NPC city and being evil aligned (-98), I started getting zapped by the towers. Although being classified red, I am a good elf at heart :)

While traveling to a chaos bank, I heard noise and tried to run away but 2 players chased me and bunny jumping, they quickly caught on to my slow cat and killed me.

Bamn, wasn't I nostalgic about this too often drill of dieing and having to run, naked like adam&eve, to a bank.
While running with said objective, I encountered a dwarf running a bit north of me. I followed trying to greet him and caught up with him.

I engage in conversation and am amazed that he is a NEW player to DF. I asked him how come he had only started now and he replied he was looking for a game similar to Ultima Online. He has come to the right place (or as right as you can get nowadays) :)

So far, this is all that is happening. I'm trying to re-learn what feeble playing skills I posessed and mustering the courage to fully complete the gargantuous task of having to re-bind all spells and skills.

Also trying to reconnect with old acquaintances in Darkfall, so that I can start fully enjoying the game. For me, it is not fun without a group of people and a place you can call home (specially since I'm red and can't go in NPC holdings).

I hope I can restart posting my newb chronicles and enjoy DF once again!

It's good to be back :)

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