Friday, 20 July 2012

Dungeon Awesome!

[these are events that took place in the beginning of last week]

I hadn't mentioned it before: I'm living in Ottenhal chaos city (located north east of centre Agon). I have very fond memories of the place because when I was in Wanted clan and we lived there for 1 or 2 weeks, we had a great time.

And the reasons I liked it back then remain the same ones as to why I'm liking it today: it is well located for mobs and dungeons, there is a friendly atmosphere around the bank (friendly might be too strong a word...) and something tends to happen every day (mostly some raids though rare they may be). I think the other chaos cities, at least the one to the south of the centre, is much more bloodthirsty and combat is prone to happen much more around the bank (just the other day when i was there some stupid naked guy who had just respawned in the chaos stone, went to the bank, got a dawnrazor sword and killed me while I was wearing robes... this would be unthinkable in dear sweet Ottenhal :D).

I see a lot of The Mithril Brootherhood around the place but they never attacked me so they're cool cats on my book .p Tried talking with one of them but he never replied, which lead me to wonder if the clan was one of those russian blobs i keep reading about in the forums. I've also read or heard that the russian blob is red army but by this time, my brain is already hurting so I don't try to get to the bottom of this mysterious russian blob.

So, the inhabitans of Ottenhall don't attack each other inside the city which makes it a very agreeable place to live in (it has a love boat feel to it).

Back to the story and eventually to explain the reason of the entry title...

I didnt play during the weekend (was away) and Ormal has been kinda missing and Duncan had told me was going to be away all this (current) week. I was already cursing my luck when a guy messaged me in-game.. He seems to be a vet who never stopped playing since game launch and he had read the blog and liked it and probably couldn't help but notice that I'm semi-newb and I have miserable luck in fights (yeah let's call it bad luck :D).

He offered to help me level and to give a few tips: I needed 5 ray spells and 2 r90s. I only had dragonbreath (fire magic)and insect swarm (witchcraft magic) leveled. Had the lighting ray but it was very low skilled. So, I purchased Impale and a 5th ray which name I don't recall.

In the r90s department, I only have Inferno (fire magic), so I need to get a 2nd one... Love this Inferno spell, hurling a huge ball of fire makes me feel high and mighty .p

So, I got loads of regs on me and we went to a northern dungeon in Ork lands, which name I also don't recall but it had a veilron chest and some night shades or similarly-named mobs who look like floating shades and appear and disappear out of sight. Close to them, there are also 2 stone golemns.

Now here comes the neat trick, he took a party box, which he spawned on the corridor leading up to the mobs so that it blocked the passage. This way, we can farm in relative peace with zie bad evil loot-driven enemies not being able to pass without destroying the box first (which takes time and requires the right weapon for the job).

Of course the guy was riding with me, so my bad luck must of rubbed into him and with this semi-newbness flowing through his veins, he spawned the box at the entrance to the corridor, always standing on top of it. As the box grew towards the ceiling, he got stuck between the box and the corridor ceiling. He tried to get off it, coming my way, where we would resume to farm like kings but he couldn't do it... so he fell to the wrong side of the box (wrong side of the corridor). So, I was one side of the box and he was on the other side ... ... ... and some more ...

After some thinking, those mobs I talked about and which drop good amounts of gold and portal shards, do impact damage (or whatever it is called), so they could destroy the box. Upon his discovery of this brilliant plan, my sidekick just stood next to the box, aggroed a few of them, they destroyed the box and we were finally reunited (awwwwww)!

We proceeded to kill a lot of them while he was meleeing and I was leveling the rays. We went to the golems and standing on top of a tree branch where the golems can't hit us (they only do melee), I leveled my cursed bolt like crazy. The guy kept "giving" me mana, so I kept firing away. The golems take few damage and they curl up inside a stone shell to regen health. Perfect to level magic, specially because we're not receiving any damage.

We felt lag once and thought about porting back or staying to fight (we had already a bit of loot/gold on us). I wouldn't mind trying to fight and end up dead but I was feeling sorry for the guy (yes, in antecipation) as he was wearing infernal and he would have a semi-newb to help him. We waited on a nearby waterfall pondering on this until we decided to just go check it out and fight! (darkfall style!) In the entry room to the dungeon, we found an ugly looking ork in robes, teleporting home. We (my sidekick) killed him and he had a few regs and some more items on him. He must of gotten pissed but he didn't come back with friends to exert revenge (hurrah DF low pop!)

It was around midnight if I'm not mistaken and I had to go to sleep, so I ported back to Ottenhal and the guy stayed killing on his own (yeah he didn't need me to kill everything alone :<).
For me, the night was awsome, both because I gained 14k gold and 12 portal shards and because I leveled a lot of important spells, quickly. It is not that I didn’t know I needed a lot of those spells leveled but the fact that someone who understands the stuff is telling you what you need to do and helping you do it, makes it sooooooooooooooooooo much easier. By the end of the night, I had my necromancy from level 11 or 20, up to 91 which enabled me to purchase the spell Eye rot (when cast on a player, it makes him not see for a short while and some other evil stuff).

All in all, a very entertaining and educating night. Let's hope I dont get too many of these or I'll stop being a newb :)

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