Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Clan developments (Immortals) and Iklits Dungeon

[these events took place 2 weeks ago because I am a slacker (except irl job, there I'm brilliant... really!!)]

So, there I am... all alone, besides chaos bank, in sweet Ottenhal...

My 2 clan mates are away for different reasons: one stopped playing after 1 day of Darkfall and the other is on a 1-week long vacation, abandoning me to be PKed freely! :(

Thankfully, I have some old friends who also resubscribed recently, from Eqvilibrivm Order (old Bluefield's Treaty Alliance) times, with whom I have reconnected.

One of them is blue and bound in a human city, the other is red and bound in the southern chaos-city of Espenhal (but she's praying faithfully everyday to get back on god's good graces!). So, on a lonely week-day evening, I joined their mumble and we arranged to go to a dungeon with Tomb Iklits. These mobs only do melee and only take melee damage. They are toughish to kill but if you are with at least 1 more person, you can melee haste/heal each other and it's easy to kill them.

Each one drops around 1,000 gold, so it's not bad. The dungeon also has a neithal chest, which is also not bad. And to top it off, a 'kill 10 tomb iklits' daily quest which gives 8k gold (and you can have several of these types of quests open - there is another dungeon with iklits near skaranibben hamlet in dwarf area -  so that when you kill the mobs, they count towards all of the open quests).

The first time we went there, everything went great. They had spawned a party box to store our stuff and we just killed them for 1 hour +/-, each getting 34k gold and other rewards.

The second time we went there, it was an entirely different story...
It all began in a far away lan... It all began with me riding forth from Ottenhal cove of love to meet my 2 friends near human lands (the dungeon is south of Espenhal chaos city). Near the NPC city, there was a red alfar lurking around so me and 1 of the friends killed him, with the help of a blue stranger by the name of saurus crystalshard (or a similar name which I can't be bothered to look up in the political map website).

As I had looted most of the PKer grave, I felt bad for the guy who had helped (you know... being a true blue character at heart), so I msged him asking if he wanted anything. His mysterious answer to my lenghty question was Finland...

Ok, I guess the guy doesn't speak english very well and didn't understand the question. My 2nd friend joined us and we departed for the Iklit dungeon, dreaming of banking another 34k gold.

After around 20 minutes in the dungeon, on the other side where the Iklits are located (and before the dungeon exit chamber), we get player lag. We see 3 guys coming in and deftly try to hide behind rocks. Who dares interrupt my terribly needed gold making endeavours?!?! None other than that Saurus Crystalshard guy+2. We don't start attacking because we were neither buffed and still recovering a bit from the PvE and upon seeing the familiar name of 20 minutes ago, at least I was hoping they wouldn't attack us.

But this is Darkfall... We get killed and I get sent back tumbling to the sweet embrace of Ottenhal chaos city (naked, for the more pervy of you).

We had left the party box behind and we know that it is taking damage, so we bravely decide to re-gear and go back to the dungeon to take back what is ours! I could write another lenghty episode of what ensued, but suffice to say that this is Thaliost Riverblade I'm talking about and the end result is pretty much ctr+c, ctr+v of other posts, where I DIE.

We did a much better job fighting but we didn't heal each other enough and one of us pushed in after them instead of going back for heals. Oh well... live and (try to) learn.

In the clan department, I've been bored to death being on my own, so I decided to join Immortals clan. They are medium sized, independant, have holdings and also have a wide array of members (from newb to vet). There are also some old friends from DF inside that Immortal clan so it seems perfect! The city they inhabit is Ghulgat (east of human lands) and I'll make my way there!

But that trip will be the raison d'ĂȘtre of my next post!


  1. Ahaha those friends of yours are really bad at fighting! :p