Wednesday, 8 August 2012

DanesLaw tried to steal Immortals' Home o_O

Two days ago, we were lying around Gulghat when someone suggested playing a game of Mafia in Starcraft 2. I havent played SC2 in a long long long while, but I'm told this game of Mafia is different than the usual. I patch up my SC2 and there I go to play Mafia for the first time with 3 other Immortals and 21 other random strangers.

The game is quite funny, even if I still haven't fully understood it. There are Towns People, Mafia baddies and I think neutral people. The objective goes more or less like this: Mafia has to kill everyone non-Mafia and everyone else has to kill the Mafia. Then you can chat with people to try and save your skin and vote to hang someone. But anyways, when we are in the middle of this game, we get a warning from a clan mate that we have just been siege declared by DanesLaw O.O

We quickly leave SC2, ruining the other 21 strangers' game, and log in to Darkfall again. We look for the siegestones (2 large), and find them north of the city on the mountains and no signs of vikings anywhere. I've got to get up early in the morning to go to work but there I stay up until almost 2 am getting ready bags (ready) and dueling/doing other stuff thats needs doing. These sieges stirr up emotions which make Darkfall such a great game and that kept me up longer than I should have. I mean, these nordic savages want to steal and pillage our home and only city?!?! .p

The following day, while at work, I check forums and read that they have tried to destroy the walls before server maintenance but that they were repelled. Later in the afternoon, I read that a lot of fighting has been taking place but that we have also been repelling them and even stole a warhulk. Ofc this makes me want to ditch work and go home to partake in the PVP (I realize this is not healthy...) but I soldier on!

When I finally got home, I log in inside the city where the rest of the clan mates are. A short while afterwards, we get a huge loading lag from a group of DanesLaw in dragon and hellraisers. We barricade ourselves inside the Keep but the fighting was too hectic and faced with such formidable weapons, we lasted lesser than what I would have hoped, resulting in our untimely death :( There goes my 1st justicebringer with Q2 enchants (hardcore, I know :p).

We run away from the city and go to Alberworth, south of Gulghat which we find out has been purchased by Pain Killers. Luckily it is almost empty and we are able to regear. We do another push on the city but got killed once more.

Not trusting Pain Killers, we regear at the chaos bank, north west of Gulghat (which is a bit far to run but oh well). When we are returning, all the walls get taken down and there is 15 mins for the 2 large siege stones to go vulnerable. We see in system DanesLaw leaving the grid and we arrive at a semi-razed city devoided of players. We repair the bank and get ready to go fight on zie hills.

We get Woxic to help out and a few russians. Intense fighting goes on and on and on, and DanesLaw are retreating. We quickly spawn 2 canons to make pew pew at the 1st stone and destroy it. We only had 1 more canon to spawn at the 2nd siege stone and it wasn't enough to fully destroy it.

By then we have people going back to city bank to go get battlespikes to finish destroying the last siege stone and effectively cavorting the siege attempt. At this time, z5 attack us and after some fighting, they go down the mountain, dragging many of our fighters (the good guys .p) down the mountain in combat, as well. I stay up the mountain because what is most important is the destruction of the siege stone. At this time, DanesLaw appear on the northern side and after some exchange, they retreat (maybe because they were flanked by z5? ... don't know, read it in the forums). I thought they would made a longer push and seemed to me to retreat too quickly. Maybe they were a bit demoralized as well, that the 1st stone had been destroyed and the 2nd one was close to getting the same fate.

Battlespikes are brought, stone is destroyed and Immortals are victorious!! sending those bearded ship-manning thugs back to valhalla (I'm going poetic .p). For some reason, we are rushing retreating z5 and I still managed to kill one (Brat Fratkiller) so hurrah for me .p (although with his back turned, a bow on my hand, and many other fighters rushing, he didn't have many chances).

During the battle, I mostly did heals and WOFs not getting much into direct combat. Lost my only bag with infernal and 2 others with FP. I know its not much but I'm not leet .p

I also come hithered the wrong guy and he killed me :< but I got rezzed! I can also understand how easy it can be for roamers to ninja loot. With the heat of the battle going on and specially when one side starts running, the other side follows, leaving a lot of graves unattended to be scavanged almost at will. I need to make sure I'll try and roam some siege and see how it is like in loco. All in all, it was fun, specially, because we defended our home town from that albino, barbarian horde. Hurrah! :)

P.S. - I left out a lot of details and another lot of details concerning roamers as it's always debatable depending from whose perspective you're watching and it only creates drama/unfounded intrigues.

P.S. 2 - And I really need to install fraps or bandicam or some other recording program.

P.S. 3 - Only Falesh is not an albino barbarian savage because he built .p

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