Monday, 6 August 2012

Hello Bourgeoisie lifestyle!

Picking up on my last entry... I rode from Ottenhal chaos city to Ghulgat, Immortal's city on the eastern side of Agon. As I rode there, I found one chaos chest on my way. But this chaos chest was special... it gave me the only good thing I have ever gotten from a chaos chest: a house deed :D a.k.a ticket to a vendor with exorbitantly priced items for sale!

For those of you who don't know, a house deed enables you to "capture" a vacant house in one of the many villages. The ranking system of housing is (from smallest to largest): cottage, house, villa, large villa and keep. So it's not the best but at least it isn't the peasentry cottage!

I know that houses are somewhat vacant nowadays... before, they used to be all taken up and when one was about to get vacant, there was a lot of PvP to capture it, as they were highly valued. They sold for 1-3 millions (I think) so it wasn't something that would naturally be opened to me. But due to a lower population, there are vacant houses here and there which means HELLO WINDOWS AND CURTAINS!

Back to the riding...

I chanced upon this wonderful deed and I immediately turn for the closest chaos bank, where I just jump the wall, not caring about my personal safety and just interested in banking my precious deed. Fait accompli and with the bonus of noone being around (what were the real chances of that happening? huh), I resume my ride to Ghulgat.

My life so far in Ghulgat has been attending a few events, going to pve a bit and fending off the very rare attacks we get. There are always people online and it's enjoyable.

On one of these PvE sorties, we ported to a village in Cairn, to then go kill Minotaur Kings (me and 3 others - I think 2 are new players, I'm an older character but recently returned and newbish and another guy who must surely be better than me). En route to zie Minotaurs, we pass through a village where I see a house that shows its taxes as being paid, but that says something like "House previously owned by so and so" or similar. I instantly wonder if the house is vacant or not so I ask in chat, and someone tells me that it means that it just got vacant! I get all happy that I finally found a free house and am also paranoid-thinking that it might get taken any second.

Anyways, I am in a group and we ride for the Minotaurs. We kill a few and then on the southern spawn, as we finish killing the last Minotaur, we get jumped by 2 guys in robes with all sorts of evilness (wof, toxic rain, etc). And the thing is, that we hadn't bothere tod keep our stats up because  we were almost done and the minotaur was almost dead. BIG MISTAKE. The one of us who played better was 5% health and didn't last long. I jumped off the cliff but didn't last long either. One of the other guys also dies and only 1 manages to get away (and luckily the one who was carrying zie loots).

[I gotta say that being recently returned to the game I was playing much worser than my usual and my reflexes/binds weren't very good in order to know what to do quickly in an emergency. I like to think I've gotten better since then (I think a lot :D)]

Dieing sucked but I have a thick skin for this ordeal nowadays and I had another goal in sight to quickly preoccupy my mind: house claiming! I am advised to take out a runestone to the village and mark it there, port back to town and then port to the rune with the house deed to quickly claim it. I think, sure, it'll be safer since I still need to ride a bit through hostile Cairn (where I was just killed).

So the following 30 minutes of my Darkfall experience will consist of this: I port to my friend's village, I ride to the village with the free house, I mark the runestone I had taken, I port back to clan town, I take the deed and port to the runestone, I aim at the house and click on every possible button and nothing happens, I go inside the house and that small description box reads, 'this is a cottage', !)#)$()%"?=?F*K))$=#!$=

God damn stupid luck. When I had pointed at it from the outside it hadn't shown what it really was and my mates had said it looked like a house but when I actually got inside, it read 'cottage'. I port back there and then a bit annoyed and luckily noone stops by to steal my precious deed.

The following day, I thought to myself that I didn't want to live in Cairn anyways as it is probably full of baddies and a person can't even PvE in peace. I've always liked Yssam, so I decided to go there and check the villages. I was happy to find a free house in Qica and immediately got it! Was so happy! But after browsing around, it had no safe, no vendor, no nothing! Only a Solar Sphere and an Enchanting station... Damn, I'm already regretting it! I wanted to find a house with a vendor and specially, with a safe full of riches of a past occupant :(

As I browse around my new village and neighbours, I find another empty house and I think to myself, IT BETTER NOT HAVE A SAFE AND A VENDOR! And luckily enough, it didn't, so I didn't get upset :D

In the sales department (I really like crafting and trading), I think prices overall are really low. Noone sells anything and it is a pain to gather stuff to sell, so that effort should be well paid! I think a lot of the prices are lower than what I would expect because people are just used to purchasing/selling something for a certain price.

First, I put 1k iron ore for sale at 5,5 gold (already more than the average price I found), and it got bought. Than, I put 1k more for sale at 6g, and I think it'll be sold as well!
I had Q3 Ork Darktaint, which I sold for 149g ea. After checking prices, I put more ork darktaint up for sale at 299g ea, and by God, it got sold!

Now, what really enabled me to make money and finally be able to spend it on meditation and on regs without worrying, were the rare items I got from trade routes. On one route, I got an Ildstein and a Darkshard (both components to make r80 weapons, I think). I checked the prices and I put them for sale at 84k each -> both got sold on the same day (netting me +/- 160k).

On another trade route, I got an obsidian. This time I put it for sale at 89k and it got sold! Yesterday, I got another Ildstein which I put on sale for 99k and I bet that when I check it later today, it will also be sold!
I had seen a guy selling an Ildstein for 60k in chaos racial but I was too late to try and buy it :>
Some might think that the prices are exorbitant but if someone is willing to pay them, then they aren't! I hear there are a lot of people with a lot of money and that it is very easy to make it, so GIVEZ IT TO MEH! :)

I know that by posting this, some might think I'm a douche for putting these prices but I wanted to give the insight of what I'm doing.

This post was more about the house and the vendor (which I bought for 45k by the way) and on the future entries, I'll try to post more about what I've been doing with my greatsword: dungeons, sea tower, getting attacked and leeching alberworth's city mine (and dieing? O_O)

Link for my dfvendor gold slave:
And a big thank you to Falesh for having made such a great website and service!

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