Monday, 16 July 2012

Founding the Clan and life as a Red

So, after my initial incursion in-game in the dwarf lands, I went out-game to take a few breaths and posted back and forth on Duchy of Wessex's forums, about starting our own clan in Darkfall.

Just a short introduction as to why I'm registered on the Duchy's forums: During Darkfall beta (and before), I was a member of the 'Fist of Europe' clan, which was a vassal clan for Kirdain, which was an ally of the Duchy of Wessex and member of the Kingdom of Wessex (I think I'm getting all the terminologies right!). Good times when the vassal of the ally of the vassal of the vassal still managed to have 25 members. Nowadays, we would be a power house!!

So, even though I wasn't a member of the Duchy per se, I was registered in their forums and always kept more or less, note of them and their developments. The whole idea is very interesting to me, to RP a medieval society with different types of bonds and realities that only a game like Darkfall, despite all its flaws (which have been diminished considerably since launch in my opinion) and short comings regarding clan management/personalization, could provide a setting for.

Following a mass email from Manus, I went to check the forums once again and there I found a few people still interested in the Duchy and interested in playing Darkfall 1.0. In conclusion, myself, Duncan Brockmoore and Ormal Nehutvc, founded the Duchy of Wessex in Darkfall EU1. Duncan and Ormal were old members of the Duchy who had stopped playing a long time ago.

In short, we're trying to get a little something something going.

Me and Duncan are red, so we have to live bound to chaos cities and chaos bindstones and Ormal started a new human character.

Life is a bit tough in relation to being able to be together since we can't all bind at the same stone (and since Ormal has a new character, think it is safer to level near starting villages). It is also hard to recruit new members, since we can't bind at an NPC city nor do we have a holding of our own.

Anyhow, there will always be mobs to vanquish and annihilate, hurrah!

On the week of the clan's founding, after a bit of PvEing, me and Duncan went to meet up with Ormal near an NPC city to help him level. Ormal was killing mobs, I was gathering herbs and Duncan was doing something else, when we got jumped by a red player with a funny l33t name. The adrenaline kicked in as I saw Ormal going down and I start getting hit on the back. The guy was in a robe and the character musn't have been very high-level, so we managed to kill him relatively easy. The rush of it all, specially because he "walked in" on us, was awsome and the main reason why Darkfall is such an amazing game. Of course it isn't much to brag about but I felt nice about being on 'team alive' :D



The following day, I went to try some PvE on my own near Andruk and sure enough... 2 TFK attacked me while I was half health near the Arthains. I say I had half health as if it meant something because I would have died even if I had had 100% health. There goes my afternoon savings down the drain (when I say afternoon, it's really just 30 minutes or something around that)!

Oh well, after dinner time, I met up with Duncan and went to a Dungeon. I had been there before but couldn't remember much. Still... easy enough mobs on the entrance, a player grave lying around with loot in it... things are looking pretty good! And we end up dieing further ahead to harder mobs! Bamn!

It's getting kinda late and seeing as we both have to work in the morning, we just picked up fast mounts, ran up to it, got to our pristine and untouched graves to get the stuff back and open the chest, for which we had a key. Success!, hurrah!, etc etc, we port back to town and bank zie wares. And off to a well deserved night of sleep which should have been 2 hours longer than what it was.

Not so entertaining from the adventurous side of things but the Darkfall experience is slowly heating up. I'm sure that when we have more members or a more established base, we might manage to have more adventures for me to blog about.

.Note to self: remember to take screenshots!
.Addendum: try to post entries in the blog quicker


  1. Found your blog from MMORPG forums =D I remember the old days with Duchy of Wessex and Hyperion and all that. They made the game really fun but too bad their kingdom disbanded which resulted in a dead game =(

  2. You should re-subscribe if you stopped playing, specially if you are from EU :)

    The game is much more enjoyable than it was at launch.

  3. It was about time that you updated =) Good to see.

    It _is_ much more enjoyable than it was at launch and even though the business end of AV's Darkfall site still has unfathomable quirks, to say the least (hint: "You must enter a title!", but don't bother going lower than Mr. or Mrs. on the pulldown menu; the last choice ("Ms") doesn't register because AV does not believe there are women on the internet*) it is easier than it was back when to simply *get into the game*.

    Once in, folks no longer find (as some never did-- like Ninogan <3) the need to spend most of their time logged in AFK and macroing like zombies-- so if someone is online, there's a better than even chance that they're doing something fun.

    * There are no _adults_ on the internet, only eternal 12 year olds with however many years of experience, which is why one should never ask or tell anything there.