Tuesday, 10 May 2011

My most pathetic raid yet: Dagnamyr and Raiding in sexeh Robes

As usual, I start writing an entry then I store it in drafts, time passes... and the drafted entry gets out of context. Nonetheless, I ignore the timeline problems and complete the entry and post it! As such, this entry is about some raids we did one night, in Wanted, still living in Ottenhal (before we moved to Lost Untilik city):

Ok... I'm a casual player, as I state several times and I'm not that good. I've played Darkfall for 10 months (or around that) and my character isn't complete newberish and I am somewhat proud of it, even though it does not compare with probably more than half the server (I have 363 hp, if that can be used to form any sort of judgement). But what happened in Dagnamyr completly imasculated my elvish person...

The events that unfolded were similar to what had happened in another raid not so long ago but at least in that previous bad experience, we had been ambushed and I still managed to move around and survive for longer. Now, there... in the outskirts of the smelly city of Dagnamyr... .... I'll just tell the story quickly and be done with it.

We are 6 Wanted members in the party and we are out and about looking for PvP. We eventually go near Dagnamy and one of us goes inside to have a look. There are many so he comes out with enemies on his tail. We step back a bit from the city, crossing the nearby river before which, we decide we will make our stand. As they cross the river, I have my staff out ready to help my friends who are in the front line (these things always turn to a melee mayhem so I decide not to do more damage to my friends than my enemies, right from the start).

Well... it seems 2 TFK came from the north and one just hacked at me so quickly that I died in 5 seconds. You see, I rarely am able to notice my stats (health) during a fight and with all the fighting going on around me, I didn't hear any damage sound.

I was so pissed at having died so quickly in what could have been a fun fight! Of course I rage a bit when I die and lose stuff but at least, I would like to last for 1 minute or 2 so it is fun. NOT THIS TIME! So this raid completly sucked for me and gets rated as the worst yet :(

Later at night, we just geared up in robes and r40s and went south looking for PvP. We caught a robed guy travelling around Human lands. We were lucky with this dude as he was carrying 4.000 reagents with him. I presume he was going to macro to some safe place as he later messeged us daring us to find him again.

We continue with our journey with our eyes set in Hammerdale. We know they aren't very good but at least we are in robes so maybe it can provide a good fight. Before reaching the city, our SG hears a player PvEing. We look and look but to no avail, he has probably gone into hiding or didn't exist at all and our SG is starting to get senile.

We attack the city but there are only 2 or 3 new players there so they are no match and carry nothing of worth. Disappointed, we go back to a nearby dungeon where the Black Knight lives. On our way there, we stumble upon the previous fellow that had gone into hiding. Nothing to be proud of but just funny that we caught him on our way out when he had managed to hide so well when we were on our way in.

We get to the dungeon and there is just a newbie there. After getting a bit lost in the maze within, we come out and just teleport back to Ottenhal. Not very exciting but at least I didn't die... which is a welcome deviation from the norm :)

Well, I hope this is the last deviation and that I keep posting entries in a timely fashion (something tells me I won't be able to keep this hope going for long though).


  1. Come on, more posts mate, I love your blog!


  2. Hey Utar! Read what happened with you and the clan :( :( :(
    But you're rich now so you have comfort money ;)

    I haven't been logging in much so for the first time in ages, i don't have anything to blog about. I read that WANTED has been having good PvP action in Niflheim in the video from Dragon King.

    I'll try to play tonight just so I can have something to blog about :) Just hope it is not as short-lived experience as this last entry :(