Thursday, 7 April 2011

Changing clan: Sad goodbye, Hopeful future

It is with great sadness that I have quit Equilibrium. And I say sadness because I had gotten to know a lot of cool and friendly people with whom I've had a great and funny time.

To give a bit of context, I had joined this clan in the beginning of January 2011 (on the same day I resubscribed to Darkfall - after a 6 months break) and I quit on the 6th of April, which totals around 3 full months of membership. I was a captain and member of the clan's council, so I felt I was trusted, like I belonged and had a great time.

I won't go much into the specifics of why I left, as that is an internal or private matter, but suffice to say I was starting to login to DF just to stare at bank and would hope we got raided (thanks to all the bunny-hoppers who visited us from time to time .p). Life was starting to be a bit boring.

So, I decided to move on and join Coldblooded, which is home to a few of my old clan mates from Azure. Apparently, they seem to be almost the opposite of what I had in Equilibrium. A PvP oriented folk without many rules, a different mindset where I'm sure that killing blues is not a moral dilemma. Although completly out of character for me, this seems like the needed change of routine I need. And also, new PvE spots to farm and important sieges/events to participate in and re-encountering old friends.

We'll see how my "casual" adventures progress from now on. Let's hope I don't start getting very good at PvPing, otherwise the blog's name goes down the drain...

Thanks for the great time in DF, Equilibrium.


  1. look after yersen kiddo,come raid dm, ill kick yer arse for ole times sake :-)