Friday, 15 April 2011

Around the world [=Niflheim] in 60 days: there and back [=dead] again!

Another beautiful day starts in the white subcontinent, when I login to Darkfall. Birds are chirping, snowflakes are falling, city fauna is running around happily but my luck is still controlled by the 2-horned devil himself as I get myself killed yet again!!!!!

I'll explain better. As I was saying, I login during the evening and go out with Galfurien to do some PvE (warthanes and vile gaunts). I think they are great mobs as they are easy to kill and give good gold/mats/r50 GS, which we direly need as one is poorer than the other. Two guys approach on horses and as we are a bit low on health and stamina we step away to recharge but they don't even follow us.

While killing the vile gaunts, galfurien disconnects in the middle of the spawn and I heroically gank+loot him. Port back to Aerngardh to bank and share the loot. In the meanwhile, it's dinner time and after I come back from it and galf is done walking his stupid dog, we go out again to do some PvE.

In the middle of Niflheim, near a big bridge, our short lived PvE gets interrupted by 2 guys approaching. Our health is not extremly low but our stamina is, so we just mount up and start running west. These guys had their magic act put together as they follow us piggy-jumping and hopping around with such mastery that would put obstacle competition horses to shame.

My fast mount gets to 0,001% health after I pass through a NPC spawn but, miraculously, doesn't die. As we are nearing the coast (our pursuers seem to have turned back at this point), we turn north and then east again. We have a clan mate who was east of us and we would regroup at the original bridge spot, fully regenned and buffed. We find noone except for a player grave named LOVE.

Than the brilliant idea comes: let's go check the chaos city! And off we go... as we are approaching it, we see 2 guys on top of the big mountain on the back of which, Whiteview chaos city is built. We think to ourselves that those were probably the guys that chased us for half subcontinent. Anyways we enter and we do not buff or anything to look cool and to try to show that we are not here to kill anyone.

As we are entering the main square, a wolf starts raying my clan mate Qwerty and the fight starts. In the meanwhile some other little piggies start coming out of street corners and sewer grids to join the fight. They were from GoodFellas... but seem more like GoonFellas (omg, a bad joke!). We fight for a while but we eventually die. I think they were 7 and didn't seem to be all that good.

So, in conclusion, another sortie gone astray.

Yesterday and the day before, I was logged for +/- 45 minutes each time, which I spent PvEing and making some gold. Today is Friday and you all know what that means? That's right ;)

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