Sunday, 10 April 2011

New life in Yssam and Dayar city: first impressions

Would just like to thank once again everyone at Equilibrium. Talked with a lot of friends on Friday and everyone was very nice.

So this past Wednesday I had moved to Charybdis, gathered a bit and logged off. On Thursday, I had moved to Iriendir and waited for a bit until I was accepted into Coldbooded. I then proceeded to Hal'Kali city, south of Greece's Tughri, so I could use their portal chamber, to teleport to Dayar, my future home in Yssam, the arid subcontinent of Cairn (where my old mate Mage DNA was).

When I get off loading screen, I see I'm on top of a hill, inside a cave, overlooking a very shadowy and maze-like city, full of dark walls and dark buildings which from atop, seem to mix with the cave walls. First things first, let's get bound to the city before anything else... but wait I don't see any shining light connecting heaven and earth... I call for help in mumble and sure enough, I am led to it (it is located in an adjacent cave or something like that).

After doing a little free for all duel, I go out with Mage to do some PvE. He is showing me the spawns around the city: first Minotaurs, than Earth Elementals, Blood Knights and finally Cairn Giants. While we are arrowing them down, Mage says he felt a bit of lag (I didn't feel any until a bit later), so we move up to a platform sticking out of the small mountain where the spawn is located. While buffing, we see 3 people coming our way buffing as well. My immeadiate mental reaction is to think we're screwed but at least we are on high ground. I try to shoot some magic and Mage is ready for the jump ins. Unfortunately, one guy came from the back and killed Mage DNA very quickly as he was looking the other way.

I survive a bit longer but am quickly killed as well.

Freshly spawned back in Dayar, we quickly re-gear and 3 other guys who were there, come with us to look for our assassins. We browse around the spawn and other places but they are long gone. They were Nomads, zie bastards!

Anyways, I logoff for the night (and most of the weekend) and login back on Sunday (today) to find out we have re-located to Niflheim, so we'll see if better luck graces me there (it won't though, I already died today in Nifl to Anque Quare or something similar, but that will be another story).


  1. Hello, thanks for writing this blog!
    Would be cool if you had a couple of pictures w/comments underneath, just to set the mood for a post.

  2. I'm a bit lazy and haven't tried or looked for the more practical way to do that.

    Do I need to upload the pictures to some free hosting site and then link it here? Probably... And the same about videos... I have tons of them which would be great to teach people how to die... quickly ;)

    Thanks for the comment!

  3. Dayar is on Cairn... which is a different sub continent that Yssam.

  4. hmm... I switched Yssam with Cairn... very bad with names :(

    Thanks for noticing the mistake!