Thursday, 7 April 2011

New blog functionality: page breaks

That's right distinguished readers and scholars of Darkfall, high tech progress and development have swept through this blog, just like the IMF will sweep through debt-ridden Portugal.

My posts are a bit too long and take too much space on the main page, so it would be interesting to have a "read more" option and just a teaser introduction (those things that have existed for decades now...). It would also enable me to understand which posts people find more interesting as I think I will be able to see which posts get chosen more, in statistics.

But my feeble brain, the same which doesn't seem to be able to handle posting screenshots very well (this will be progress #2) hadn't had time to digest this idea and put it to practise. Of course it isn't hard at all and it was just a question of going to "Design" -> Edit "Blog Posts" -> press on the question mark next to "Read more".

Apparently this wasn't so simple and I screwed up this message's first publication. Apparently, I was using the old editor and the "page break" button didn't exist. Apparently google solves all world problems.

So, going back to the...
testing. It works! :)

My next entry will most likely contain big news as far as my Darkfall gaming life is concerned (and no I am not going to cancel). I'll also try to put screenshots in place.

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