Monday, 4 April 2011

Darkmoore sieged by Wired Chickens

This last Friday, at around 22pm if memory doesn't fail me (which it usually does), we were attacked in our friendly city of Darkmoore by around 10 guys pimped out in infernal. They were members of Wired Chicken, a neverheardofclanbefore and I think they had 1 SUN guy with them. A bit of shittalk in public but nothing extraordinary.

They make their way to the bank while killing everyone. In the meanwhile, a ship is spawned in our little church lake, to destroy the city walls. I manage to get onboard the ship (naked) and drive it for a bit, just for a laugh, before I am quickly killed of course.

With Qiqatak siege still fresh in our memories, we all bind south in Charybdis, the great Elven Capital city. On my way south, near the trolls area, I run into 3 Happybrawlers Inc guys who attack me. Just beyond them is 1 blue SUN guy who just makes 1 heal to my mount. At the time, Happybrawlers being there almost seemed coordinated to try and catch our guys fleeing south of Darkmoore. Either that or they were looking for newbs to kill as they usually populate that troll spawn (if they weren't newbs themselves and leveling on the trolls... but being red and all...).

Now, to provide some context of how I viewed the situation:

Overall, Equilibrium and the alliance tries to live an honourable life in Darkfall to the best of our habilities. We don't roam sieges (even though it sounds really fun), we stick with our RP policy of dealing only with well-aligned races and we try not to zerg or nutcup.

In the Qiqatak siege, we were sieged by Malus Spiritus who are much better PvP players than us. We didn't bind in any of the ARAC holdings, near Qiqa hamlet and we didn't accept any outside help. The hamlet wasn't worth us breaking any of the valours we strive to play by (although this is discussable and will be addressed in this post). Our alliance activity levels weren't exactly the best in that siege and we only managed to get 15 or so guys (I think we didn't reach the 20), which against the +/- 12 Malus Spiritus, we had very little chance of winning.

Now, it was our only holding and City that was in question. People might not love Darkmoore but we paied 700k for it and it has been our home for 1 or 2 months now. Even if we would like to change holdings, I would feel very enraged if we simply didn't do everything to try and win the siege. One thing is to lose the city because we sold it, another is to lose it because someone conquered it (obviously :)).

So I argue that we shouldn't take this siege like we did Qiqa's and that we should do the best to our ability to keep it. The decision isn't taken lightly or instantly but eventually, we accept the help of 2 clans outside the alliance. We didn't know who those Wired Chicken guys were nor if they had any outside help (specially with 1 SUN being there, which might of been just a friend or a coincidence of course).

Coming back to that friday night, we bind in Charybdis. In Darkmoore, the walls are being teared apart and after they are done and unspawn the ship, they log off. We find the siegestones: 1 medium on top of the western plateau and a small one, on the ground below, right next to the medium. As such, we mark some 30 runestones on the western plateau, thinking we will try to hold it before the siege goes live and use the bridge that leads up to it as a chokepoint.

BTW, during this friday night, me and Skuldlang rode south west to go kill some deathless mages. We approach the place and find a semi-naked Tsalarian Crystalshard, one of SUN's SG, pveing. We wait for him to kill the last mobs (I think he had 50% health at the time), and we ninja approach and proceed to attack him. Skul takes the offensive and I manage to hit him with an arrow, a ray and do a sacrifice heal on Tsalarian. So, my first 3 actions were all rubbish... When I see skul's health getting a bit low, I tell him to stepback and have me take over with the melee. Ofc when I am attacking Tsalarian, I kill skul by mistake but no matter... Tsalarian didn't really have a chance, semi-naked and with low health. I kill him, gank and rezz my clan mate who I had also killed :(

I found this interesting as the new alignement system was already in place: skul attacks first and probably gets grey but as he dies in the end, he didnt lose alignement. When I jump in the fight, Tsalarian probably attacked me first so he got grey. So when I kill and gank him, I don't lose any alignement. Hurrah! :p

We loot everything we think is worthwhile but it is not much... he probably hadn't been there for a long time. There is a 5 dura justicebringer that will come handy in the siege on the following day. We leave because everytime we see SUN, we have the feeling that more of them are on the way .P

Sleep sleep, stuff to do, log in game 30 minutes before siege goes live. As I login late, I don't know the full story but our people are already on the plateau fighting and keeping the chickens away from it. It seems this is not like Qiqa siege and we probably have 20-25 guys from alliance logged in + 8 from helping clans (I think -> these are all rounded estimates). Me and 4 other guys from the clan who were in Iriendir get a runestone and port on the plateau, at the command of Master Owyn Cavall, who is already there.

From what I understand, most are on the plateau and a small group is on the ground. One of the outside clans who is helping us is by the clanbank which hadn't been disabled by the attacking clan.

When I get on the plateau there are fights going on around the plateau. I guess some have come through the bridge (where we tardly place a clanbox) and others have jumped up using magic. Heavy fighting going on...etc etc... I eventually get killed and I see a few others getting killed as well. I think that they are getting the upperhand but apparently they must not have been, as I see the surviving ones running away. People (me included) are rezzed and the graves are looted.

From there until siege start, we just had some sporadic attacks by 3(?) enemies, which were easily and obviously won. I found this last part more entertaining as there is nothing better than stickybacking a running enemy over and over... which happened with one of the enemies. Just as he was very close to dieing, he loads up a blast spell to get away and I manage to hit him with a ray or with a greatsword slash and I just see his dead boddy blasting away... friendlies on the ground ganked him, I think.

Siege starts and we just battlesike destroy the siegestones without being further interrupted and the day is saved. Hurrah! :)

I think they PMed us saying that we were too many and GG. Some might argue that we were and I said, previously in this post, when I say that we strive to play by good values, that I would explain what I mean better. But as this post has run long enough, I will make another post on the issues of zerging and nutcupping.

Anyways, at least, for now, you can rest assured that The Great City of Darkmoore, last bastion of defence against the Mahirrim selvatic hordes, still belongs and is the seat of the RAC, RP Alliance :)