Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Zarghuroth and Mehatil... knock knock... who's there?

Just for future reference, I want to make 2 other posts besides this one regarding our clan's attempt to go kill the Devil for 2 times now (and how High Dro and his gang are the luckiest bunch around!) and the 2 raids I participated in, to Greece's city of Tughri.

For now, I'll go back to the topic at hand, which took place yesterday night (Monday) and began by very naughty actions! Around 8 of Coldblooded were just practising 4vs4 near Mar Shral, when we are declared Weary by Ultimatum and Elders of Agon (I think). Well, we take this to heart and while all the women are crying in desperation, drowning their newborn babies and I'm crawled up in a corner, someone has the brilliant idea to go check Elders of Agon's city, in a cruise-type voyage.

Everyone being a true sailor at heart, we all agree it would be fun so we teleport to Spiderfang hamlet and set sail on a schooner (the pinnaces were resting from all the commotion of the previous night). Although we are all hidden sailors, some of us are also a bit retarded in the head (yes, in the head!) so after a lot of attacking each other and pushing off the ship, we leave the island area and are finally nearing Zarghuroth city where meanies reside!

We didn't do much as we didn't want to risk anything and were just there for some laughs and some wall destruction. I think we destroyed a cannon tower and kill 3 of them (I almost got killed in the water by EoA's dwarf SG but I killed him first -> I need to get aquatic shot because I'm even more useless than usual in water fights).

After this small skirmish we set off to go visit Mehatil, the lair of the wicked (or not... I'm just going with the flow)! We arrive silently and amidst those green hills, we blast away against those walls of tirany! We can feel SUN swarming up the surroundings (you know... like that scene in lord of the rings inside the caves of Moria, when the goblins are everywhere!)... but are unseen like the ninjas!

As the walls come crumbling down so do SUN start showing themselves and after some time passes, knowing we are surrounded by tall and close hills, we decide to leave as wars can't all be done in one night! Our SG and ship captain disconnects and is later caught by SUN (we guess they took out a ship and tried to follow us).

OK, this last part was a bit dra/cinematic, so to make it more objective: we went to Mehatil, destroyed a few walls, didn't want to risk getting zerged so we left south: unspawned ship and I ported back because it was 01.00 am and there's work to be done in the ever nearing morning.

And I read in forumfall Frank saying that the Eclipse temporary alliance was: "... doing pvb on small 10 man guilds with your massive zerg in zarguroth.".
Just to make things clear: Zarguroth wasn't zerged. It was just 8 Coldblooded who decided to go have a bit of fun and destroyed one cannon tower.


  1. Now to some comments, your post is very wrong. I am in Elders of Agons and it wasn't us who declared you war, you declared us war!

    And that post made by Frank that you refer to Isn't only about you. We got many attempts of asset destuction that day and the days after.

    So yeah, some facts are wrong

  2. Hey there. This happened in Colblooded clan times (part of Eclipse). Since then, most of Coldblooded left this clan and created/joined Wanted clan (unafiliated with any alliance). And I think Coldblooded left Eclipse alliance after this "break".

    Regarding who decced war first, I think it was you guys who did it first because only after we see it in system, do we remember to go visit Zarguroth. But anyways, we just went for laughs and we didn't really destroy anything.

    Regarding Frank's post, yeah, that can be true and other people have gone there to do pvb.

    This hapenned a "lifetime" away, it seems to me. And I can make some mistakes, as I post my unilateral view of things, so thank you for your comment :)

  3. Reidar Beck TEOA2 May 2011 at 14:50

    I know that this happened in Coldblooded times :)But still you war decced us :)

    Nice blog and fun to read. Keep up the nice work