Tuesday, 12 April 2011

From Cairn [NOT YSSAM] to Niflheim: first day in Aerngardh and Angfrost

I'm not typing these entries fast enough as events are moving forward quickly: I'll post this entry and a next regarding Niflheim but we have already moved back to Dayar (I can see that I'm gonna need to start begging for portal shards in the slums of Sanguine soon).

As I was saying in the previous entry, I logged in on Sunday, in Dayar, just to find out the clan had relocated to Aerngardh in the north-western subcontinent of Niflheim. God damn it... spend 2 more portal shards and puff... there I am. The city seems to be well populated by the way, at least there are always a few people in it (not a whole lot but some). I am kind of happy to be here as I remember the nice mob spawns from when I had been here for Equilibrium's Qiqatak hamlet siege.

Some of the clan members are near the bank jerking around and we do some duels. Eventually, 5 of us head out looking for PvP. We decide to visit Angfrost, the closest city around. As we are approaching the city, we hear fighting going on inside it. One of us goes in while the rest stay outside hugging the wall. He reports seeing a few guys but he can't make out how many they are or see any clan tags.

We decide to go in, on top of the walls and there are 2 guys on the floor (from a clan I don't remember, but they were not the owners of the city). A short exchange of ranged attacks ensues but without great consequence and they retreat into the middle of the city. Meanwhile we are moving to the city centre as well and lose track of them because of all the buildings.

Then the slaughter takes place. We run inside the keep, I go in with staff out just doing minor heals and stamina transfers and before I know it and without even realizing it, I take two 80 damage hits on the back (I checked in system tab after getting killed).

I get sword out, turn around, dash for the stairs and at least, 2 guys are coming down loading WoF spells (wall of force spell: creates an energy sphere that makes you gravitate towards its centre). I try to protect while in the WoF and make a dash for the door only to bump into another enemy and dieing on the spot. Everything was very fast and everyone died, as we had just run, unknowingly. into the keep full of enemies and had no instant reaction for it (as I said, I was below half health even before I knew I was under attack .p).

So, we died and all the fame and riches that awaited me, will have to lay waiting, once more, until the next day. That will be the next entry!


  1. Want to see yesterdays blog!! about the chaos city whiteview!

  2. That will be the next entry and day 2 in Niflheim.

  3. hmm not got any better yet then , lol.