Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Life in a chaos city: Ottenhal, Kraken killing strategy and Andruk raid

As I explained in my last entry, some guys left Coldblooded to form a new clan, 'Wanted', which I joined. This involves having no player controlled holdings to live in and no alliances. As such, we moved from Mar Shral to the chaos city of Ottenhal, near the centre of Agon.

I had never lived for a prolonged time in a chaos city and the thought of it was a bit daunting. I mean... will we be in constant PvP and in fear of being killed by random travellers all the time?

I'm finding that it isn't really that different from a normal player holding, except for the fact that you have no grid warnings. It's fun to see the dynamics created inside a chaos city and so far, Ottenhal has been quite the welcoming place. One or two clans seem to live there as well and we don't attack each other inside the city. Also, most people that come inside don't attack the inhabitants with a few exceptions for some nocry and maybe 1 or 2 other clans. What is then, the difference from a player city? None so far, as we also used to get attacked in the former.

We've been having fun capping villages, grinding hooded ones and deathless mages and all the PvP that we get doing these and other things. We also went and killed the Kraken this week, twice (just to make sure he stayed dead...). I will explain the strategy employed which I'm sure many know but which many others might not:

Strategy consists of having one man on the water taking the damage from the Kraken and pulling him to the boat. As the bait has a shield, he doesn't take much damage from the Kraken's attacks and prevents the ship from being damaged. Steps:
1) Sail on the ship until the Kraken spawns and attacks it
2) Move the boat away from the spawn and stop the ship when the Kraken stops following
3) Get a man on the water (with shield, stamina pots and stuff for transfer spells) to go after the Kraken
4) The Kraken will eventually turn back to attack the man-bait
5) The man-bait should swim towards the boat and when the Kraken is upon him, just block his attacks
6) The Kraken will go close to the ship, attacking the man-bait, but will turn back as it is the border between his domains and otherwise
7) It is the job of the man-bait to go "get" the Kraken back, otherwise he will lose aggro and move away or unspawn
8) The man-bait should use pots, food and transfer in-between Kraken attacks to regain his stats

This results in a smooth and easy killing where you have your boat stationed with the cannons calmly shooting at the overgrown tentacular mammoth.

I'm giving some note to the Andruk raid because it was semi-funny for me. Me and 3 other clan members decide to go raid Andruk, where Lux Arcana dwells. Some of them say they are in scrub gear and talking about suiciding. I am wearing full plate and not in a mood to lose in a whim (I l0v3 mah pix3ls). They even kill their mounts so noone else can have their 4-legged companions. And I'm thinking to myself: HELL NO!

Well, as we approach the city walls, one of us goes in to scout a bit. I also go in and sit inside one of the guard towers, next to a ramp. Suddenly, there are around 10 Luxors jumping out of the wall going after my mates. I had trully stayed behind, thinking some would jump and maybe some would stay on the walls, who I would then proceed to ninja-melee on the back, sending the enemy into disarray. Well, as my mates die quickly and by many, I just stay put even seeing some enemies passing by me (but not noticing me).

After I think all or most have blasted back inside the walls, I muster the strenght to leave my hiding spot and run away. As I jump down, I see a fast mount just standing calling for me: thaliost... thaliost... ride me up! and I think: perfect! The heavens smile upon me and shower me with gifts! (the count now goes in, dead fast mounts: 9231939219; stolen fast mounts: 1). So I just pick it up and run away. Some can call this cowardice but I don't care, I'm still telling the story anyway.

PS - I've had word that lots of mats I had in a friend's vendor have been sold at my jew prices: wood for 15g each and iron ore for 5,5 gold each, netting me 51k gold. Hurrah meditatiton!

To finish this entry, we have changed base of operations and moved to a new chaos city. Location undisclosed for now in case someone things to go there and steal my leather set! .p

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