Thursday, 31 March 2011

Kraken at off-hours Darkfall

I'm feeling compelled to write this because I want to try to keep the blog active and all the stuff that has happened in-game, I would normally write about, has taken place a few days/weeks ago and I don't remember very well. So:

Yesterday, I fell asleep at an unusual time: 7pm. Not being used to fall asleep so early - even before dinner time (that's right you nordic people, dinner is at 8pm! ..not at 15.00 or 16.00), I woke up at 2.30 am. After taking care of some urgent business I go to the computer and my character is still by Darkmoore's quarry where I had left it... Tiax is online and the master scrub talker Thane as well.

Get on vent and Tiax suggests going after zie Krakens and I immediately think of GOLD... So me and thane ride south to Imrathir and board the ship Tiax had spawned, all ready to make some profit. I'm already thinking what great blog entry and screenshots, us killing a few krakens at 3 or 4 am, will provide.

We get to spawn, Tiax goes to try and pull the big tenctacular beast but it doesn't come. I always tend to think of bugged spawns when this happens but someone else could also have been trying to make a buck at that happy hour time. So we just port back and log off (bye 10k gold... sniff).

Not much of a post... but it could have been :)

EDIT 6th August, 2012:
Adding the strategy to kill the Kraken in case, you found this entry by chance:

Strategy consists of having one man on the water taking the damage from the Kraken and pulling him to the boat. As the bait has a shield, he doesn't take much damage from the Kraken's attacks and prevents the ship from being damaged. Steps:
1) Sail on the ship until the Kraken spawns and attacks it
2) Move the boat away from the spawn and stop the ship when the Kraken stops following (this will prevent the ship from taking damage, so you can concentrate on killing)
3) Get a man on the water (with shield, stamina pots and stuff for transfer spells) to go after the Kraken
4) The Kraken will eventually turn back to attack the man-bait
5) The man-bait should swim towards the boat and when the Kraken is upon him, just block his attacks (do not turn your back on the Krazen, zie is evillll)
6) The people on the boat should shoot the cannons (uses blackpoweder) and makew pew pew on zie Kraken
7) The Kraken will go close to the ship, attacking the man-bait, but will turn back as it is on the border between his domains and otherwise
8) It is the job of the man-bait to go "get" the Kraken back again, otherwise he will lose aggro and move away or unspawn
9) The man-bait should use pots, food and transfer in-between Kraken attacks to regain his stats

This results in a smooth and easy killing where you have your boat stationed with the cannons calmly shooting at the overgrown tentacular mammoth.

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