Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Fail Event, Fail Siege, Fail exploit - Qiqa

As usual, I find it very boring to type regularly on the Blog but the idea of having a place where some adventures are written down for future memory, interests and compells me to keep writing. That and Utar Usher, the non-fuctioning microphone dorf, reminding me I need to write more!

So, I'll talk about his past weekend. It all started (for story-telling purposes) with me organizing an alliance Tournament for Saturday. It would be fun, have a prize and garner eternal glory for the victor! But, apparently people have lives and almost noone could make it on Saturday... so I ended up changing the event to Sunday.

I should stress that Children of the Forest used to be the owners of the holdings in the alliance but as it was decided that Equilibrium would be the new owner, we had been transfering the holdings from CotF to us. Long story short, we had already sold 2 hamlets and were left with Darkmoore city, where we reside, and Qiqatak hamlet in snowy Niflheim subcontinent.

On friday, a bunch of Equilibrium guys, me included, rode to Qiqa to siege it from CotF.

[story break]
I had just lived briefly in Niflheim, in Lost Untilik, when I was a member of Azure and which is already explained in a previous post. But for those of you who haven't memorizes my entire blog yet: I hated it at the time, everything was white white white, and us/me lost at the edge of the known land, in the middle of nowhere. At the time, it was with relief that I logged in Lost Untilik to find myself being zapped by the towers and chased away.
[/story break]

Well, this time, I found the continent much better! I still hate all the white but I really liked the mobs and the short weekend I spent there made me think it would be a nice resort to come PvE a bit. Soooo, on Friday we place the siege and on Saturday we win the hamlet. And on Sunday, alliance Tournament!! WRONG

We were sieged by an alt clan of Malus Spiritus clan. So, the Tournament got cancelled :( Apparently, I also have a life and couldn't be online on Saturday night, but on the next day, I login in Qiqa and there are a few Equilibrium guys around. Near lunch time, GMT (yes, lunch time is a scientific hour), there are 5 or 6 of us geared and we decide to go check White View, a Chaos city, to see what those guys are up to. As we ride out, we see them coming in and they roll us. These guys are good players, even if infantile delinquents. We have just a few guys who are on par with them, which is not enough.

So, I get bindcamped a lot at Qiqa, in the afternoon. They only have 1 guy chasing, so I use the 2 minute protection, to run in one way (with the bad guy following me), while my mates run afterwards on the other direction. It's some fun 30 minutes of me running out and getting killed (the guy must of really loved me). And Qiqa hamlet is a cave surrounded by white plains, so it's kinda hard to escape properly.

Anyways, I'm sure the guy was just bored and I eventually managed to escape. Interestingly, in many of my deaths, I would respawn having "fallen off the world", a very known and even common bug in Darkfall. While I am standing inside the cave walls, I notice 2 Malus Spiritus' guys resting inside the walls as well, fully geared. It seems they exploit this heavily and I recorded them standing there, getting inside the wall, getting outside the wall,... maybe they are the same guys who loot graves in Sea Towers, under the terrain. I contacted a GM who said they would look it up and ofc they won't do anything. It's not so much the fact that they won't do anything that bothers me but the fact that they will never tell me how their "investigation" went. Bad service .p

Regarding the siege itself, we managed to gather 17 players, which is less than I expected, with a lot of newbs and semi-newbs (much like myself) there. We ride to Qiqa and we get rolled by almost an even number of guys from their part. I should stress #2 that we did not ask any other clan in the vicinity to bind at their holding or for any help, and not for a lack of oportunity. If we are a RAC alliance, we try to be RAC all the way, inspite of the consequences.

We had allso previously decided, the hamlet would only be worth 1 push and after dieing, we go back to our lives.

In short, this postponed the event; we lost the siege and Malus Spiritus seem to be a bunch of retarded teenagers who don't mind exploiting.

Hope to add screenshots or videos at a later time. Cheers :)


  1. Lol looks like youre not having a good row with us lately. Which is weird because other than the siege since I returned Ive been kicking ass against clan neanias or bow. So next time you know who to party with =P


  2. Would just like to say that my mic is working great! just not on TS :(
    Le Clan are welcome enemies and raiders, I saw they were wardecced by some others though, shame on them stealing our favourite enemies!