Saturday, 5 March 2011

Rosalynn and Pandora

So, I haven't been posting anything new. It's because I get really motivated and excited when I start something new and then I have a hard time commiting to it, but I'll try to kick-start stuff again. I also had put in my mind that the blog would have screenshots so as to make it more interesting and I think it's part of the reason why I haven't posted earlier. It's too much of a hassle for my weak and feeble brain to manage screenshots, so I'll just make text-only posts at will.

Equilibrium wise, we and the rest of the alliance have moved to Darkmoore. We are currently trying to sell some hamlets because we don't need so many holdings and to concentrate people.

Our best neighbours for life are the french Le Clan Neanais and I gotta give special focus to Krytcheck who loves to visit us for tea. LCN own all the houses (I think) in the nearby village of Savaril, so they have an easy access to us. They have more and better developped characters I think, so we tend to lose more often than we win, but it's still good PvP practise and what would DF be without raiders?

Moving on to yesterday's events, I was going to meet up with some of the alliance buds at the elven capital, when I see a blue noob being killed by NPCs outside the town. I rezz him and I notice he is a recruit of Brothers of War. Who is the person that belongs to BoW that I absolutely hate for her pesky comments in DF forums? Rosalynn Goushall.

The recently ressurected recruit PMs me, saying thank you and I tell him no problems and to tell Rosa she is a bitx :D which he promptly does.

Rosa PMs me and we have a very nice and civil conversation, so I have stopped disliking her, although I must remain wary of forumfall .p Anyways, the big lesson here is that people and opinions CAN CHANGE! You might really hate someone and then have a change of heart 6 months later.

After this lovely episode, I meet up with the rest of the alliance guys (we were 8 in that group I think) and we head out to Ultimatum's city. We only find 2 naked guys in the city and their mine was empty. Then we went to Issar Ruins from The Horde... empty.

We check a nearby dungeon and a chaos bank... empty.

We proceeded to Svartfjord from Lost Legion and on the way we find 2 Pandora PvEing. They mount up and run on different directions. We chase the left one and we kill him.

We had thought about checking Sunthrone but with the warning given, the slim chance we might have had of winning was close to nill now. So hapilly we get back on our way to Svartfjord. We find another Pandora running there and we chase him. The guy cowardly disconnects (mental note for the future: Pandora members disconnect to avoid a fight they think they will lose) and we are left staring at the guy on the mount, not being able to hit him.

Then mayhem starts as +/- 2 guys were still in the hamlet and we start hearing a lot of noise. Not understanding what is going on, we go back to the hamlet and it takes a while to understand that we are being attacked (the tower is zapping everyone, everyone is moving around, making it very hard to distinguish what is happening).

It was Pandora with maybe 5 guys? (at the time we were probably 6 because some had disconnected). We fight for a while and end up dead. Hurrah \o/ riding around all evening to find noone and just die at the end in quite a lame way. At least my power of riding surged for the first time (that's right god damn it!) :p

I think 2 things went wrong:
- It was such a surprise (I gather) for the guys that were attacked inside the hamlet that they didn't say anything on Teamspeak
- We, as a group, should of grouped up just north of the hamlet so we could have a clear view of the enemies and not be trapped around buildings and zap towers

I mourn the loss of my dawnrazor :( Down to 1 now, so I'll need to get busy again. I know it's not much but I'm very cheap :)

So that's what happened yesterday. I hope I'll continue to narrate my adventures and that it is interesting to you guys.


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