Thursday, 17 March 2011

Money, Tower and Alliance

As usual, I haven't been posting that often so I have semi-old events to talk about.

First things first: moneh! --> I resubscribed to Darkfall for 3 months, taking advantage of that 29,95€ deal. I had first subscribed using a 6 month deal. Then I quit and when I came back I subscribed for one month. Oddly enough, the automatic recurring subscription was able to withdraw money from my account for a 2nd month (it shouldn't have been able to, due to reasons I don't want to have the work of writting about). So now, I just resubbed for 3 months.

Last Sunday, I went to the northern sea tower with the rest of my alliance. It was cool to ride around in "big" numbers and we had a cool new addition: Imperial Dreams. They are a bunch of guys that got tired of Eve-online and have just started playing Darkfall. So there are like 20-30 1/2 week guys running around (with the same funny last name, no less). All of them belong to well-aligned races so they came with us to the northern tower. If their experience was the same as my first tower, they must of been all excited because it's a new experience and everyone else looks much stronger than them. And then... entering a ship (probably for the first time)... pretteh! And then... cannons to shoot! Sexeh!

We start out a bit bad but it is ok, because we are going to end pretty worser. By badly, I mean we ran into the kraken... no big deal. We surround it, while having the ship repaired and the new guys having fun shooting the cannons. As we set again our bearings towards the Tower, we see a ship coming behind us and gaining terrain. Also, it was shooting at us due to having a forward cannon... that's right... here comes SUN. We try to cannon them down, to no avail, while they keep getting closer.

After being boarded by what looked like 15 guys in Infernal/Dragon armour, we were pretty much all dead in 1 minute. It wasn't a very fun Tower experience, which is OK with me as I am already used to disappointment in-game :) But felt a bit sad for the new guys. Anyways, more will come and they must be used to dieing in Eve already!

Good news is they have joined our little Auros worshiping alliance of good-doers! I hope they fit in with us and don't isolate themselves as they are probably a very tight-knit group of players, who are starting out in a new game. So, I'm not expecting most of them to move to Darkmoore anytime soon.
A secondary positive outcome from this, is that my bruised epeen Ego is great! I feel like a powerful player! :D

Tune in for updates. This Saturday I'm trying to organize a Mounted Combat Tournament with a 10k gold prize to the winner. Let's see how that goes!

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