Sunday, 6 March 2011

Sooooo, this Saturday I logged in at around 5 pm GMT. Bored and without knowing what to do, I talked with my mate Epoxy (we call him 'fat dorf' because he is a fat dwarf) and we decided to ride from Darkmoore to the Ork lands in search of PvP.

Needless to say, we found more chaos chests riding from one side of Agon to the other, than players. This becomes even more tragic as we only found one chaos chest.

We enter into Ork territory and near one of the NPC cities, we find a guy PVEing. I quickly dismount my fast mount and start attacking him with magic spells which completly miss him. It then goes on to melee and my health starts going down fast and I start healing and running away while Epoxy takes over. Then, the bastard gets on my FAST MOUNT and ditches for the NPC city. We're arrowing him down careful not to take down the mount but the guy manages to escape with 2% of life. Very pissed!! (only fast mount I had)

Epoxy very rudely calls me a noob and that I should of unspawned my mount (as he had done). But this is where I think opinions differ. If we are going in for a kill, we shouldn't lose time unspawning the mounts, amiraite?

Anyways, bummed out that I rode all the way to Ork lands and all I got, was my fast mount stolen, we run to the chaos bank to get slow mounts. We go around the rest of the NPC holdings and we see only 1 player but he has newb protection. We end up going to the hamlet Aldan Enak from Pain Killers and there is an afk guy in robes, who we proceed to kill. What a sad first kill :(

We go to the nearby village where I purchase another fast mount and some other stuff. We talked about going down to Andruk (LA) to see if we finally got some PvP, even if it was just to probably get killed. But I had to leave and we just port back to Darkmoore.

All in all, a pretty bad experience that so many people go through on a daily basis, in search for balanced PvP.

At night, me and 3 others go to a dungeon for a bit and we managed to get 5k gold each + other stuff, which was nice. I know it's not a lot for a lot of people but it is enough to satisfy me, specially when you are usually getting killed/losing stuff more often than not :)

All in all, Darkfall on a Saturday experience!

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