Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Little Introduction - part 4 (Lux Arcana, afterwards and quits)

I think this will be the last part of the introduction and finally, I'll be able to move on to my current DF life.

So, as I was saying in the other post, I went with some Azure members (including the SG Galfurien Pendragon) to Lux Arcana, living somwhere in the main continent (think it was Darkmoore). Lux Arcana is a friendly independant clan with lots of actives, which was a very nice change of scenery. Having so many people around and their incentive to organize guild events, made life in the clan very active and life in DF very enjoyable.

For the record, my stay with LA and the events described below happened during a bit more than 1 month (I think), through all of which I was a recruit, although I didn't feel any distinction due to that fact.

Darkmoore (if I got the city right) was attacked from time to time as well, with us being able to defeat the enemies most of the time (usually and during prime time, at least 20 people would be on). Winning often made DF life even more fun and the subsequent sharing of the loot, made life easier when organizing ready bags.

The amount of wins are due, no doubt, to the amount of LA members who would congregate against the enemy and their growing level of organization, but also to Maejohl's, in my opinion, too careful and safe acting. I felt there were, sometimes, a lack of rushing the enemy, of being bold. It is true that if people come to attack our city, we don't owe them nothing, so we don't have to leave our walls to go after them into an eventual trap, but still... there's always a part inside us who wants to go wild from time to time.

We eventually moved to Ymennek in rubayiat, next to SUN's hamlet with a mine, Silmiyat. This was the place where I had the most PvP action during my DF career. A group of SUN started attacking our city (and defending their mine from the eventual miner :) ) and realized LA would fight back, even if losing. Every evening I would log in DF to find a bloody battle going on with SUN usually having the upper hand. Ready bags started going down fast.

Also, at the time (as probably still happens and will continue to happen) people complained a lot there was no PvP hotspots in Agon, etc etc, and word soon spread out that Ymennek was the place to be for every day there were lengthy and fun PvP confrontations. I remember being on the city walls and being attacked from the west by SUN, from the north by Nadirian Hordes (I think) and by south by another clan. Clans and random players just started visiting Ymennek and its surroundings to check out what was the reason for this talked about PvP mayhem.

Lux Arcana acted admirably in my opinion, during this time. Maejohl calmly told people not to worry, pvp was always abundant wherever they moved, they would retreat to one of their hamlets for some pveing to remake those lost ready bags and they would come back in force, not shying away from a fight and knowing that whatever they went through, it would make them stronger and better players. Although I didn't participate in that part of LA's life, I thought the overall idea/way of acting was cool.

In general LA was and probably still is a great clan to belong to. You have lots of active clan members living alongside you, people are friendly, you have a lot of PvP visits right on your doorstep and the quantity of organized guild events keep you occupied.

Now things get a bit hazier than they usually are for me. I think I left LA while they were still living in Ymennek (not sure) along with Galfurien and maybe 2 others to reform an old clan. It was a hard life after having been in LA. We conquered Somerstone hamlet but we had very few members, life in DF was not as fun, I was starting not to log in even when I could and summer vacations were getting close.

After 2 or 3 weeks of having left LA, it was the beginning of August 2010 and I had a roadtrip in Spain to do. I didn't re-subscribe my account, went inactive and didn't think of DF for a long time (although I would check its forums from time to time, specially the awsome Off-Topic forums :) ).

In the beginning of January 2011, after a 5 months interruption, I re-subscribed to Darkfall and joined the clan Equilibrium (BTW recruiting Humans, Dwarves and Elves:, with my love for the game renewed. Sometimes you just need a little break...


In the next posts, I'll finaly start talking about, and maybe post some screenshots, of my casual life in Darkfall!


  1. Hey Thaliost,

    Glad you enjoyed your stay at Lux. You should come say hello to us in our new Kingdom based around Andruk. :)

    Goodluck with Equilibrium and with your return to DF.


  2. I waited several days, I want part 5!