Monday, 17 January 2011

Little Introduction - part 2 (Jungle Warriors and Frozen North)

So, picking where I left off... Dusk Raiders disbanded a few weeks after I joined due to internal disagreements/problems/whatever. Most people went on to form their own small clan and the leader joined Azure. He had asked everyone to join Azure as well, but I was the only one to follow (I really didn't want to join a very small clan without any perspectives of organization).

So, I pack my humble bags and move to one of the sub-continents for the first time in my short DF career! Exciting and harsh times as the sub-continent was Rubaiyat and the city in question was Ul'sulak, which I didn't find very friendly at the time. The clan was nice enough and with a bit more actives than I was used to. The alliance was Jungle Warriors of the infamous Celiah, who lived nearby in Ghana.

I participated in one of Ghana's defensive sieges, in the beggining of the big war against Jungle Warriors. First big fight I ever partook and quite awsome to my newbish eyes. I had never seen so many people together and so many spells beings flown around. Everyone seemed to have ultra awsome powers and spend regs as if they grew in their banks... which I could not. We won, which was an extra prize on top of an extra cool fight. I hated dieing more at that time than I do now :)

A few weeks after joining Azure, things go sour with Celiah because we help them out whenever they get attacked and when our city got attacked, we never or hardly got any help.
So the clan moves to another city: Lost Untilik in Nilfheim (some drama ensues over the city of Ul'sulak with Celiah which I explain further down).
As the poor newb, I travel all the way by horse instead of using those expensive things called runes and whatnot. Luckily for tourism, the server is semi-empty so people can travel around with relative safety.

Long story short we get the money and the city gets transfered to Jungle Warriors... and us in the white north...
I didn't like it much there... all very white, not a lot of people, not a lot of good spawns (imo). Apparently, the national hobby there was getting some bears stuck in some columns and skilling melee (and dieing to the PKers who went to that spot looking for prey).

I don't remember very well how but we either conquer or bind at Mathyra hamlet and start living there, enjoying our PK runs to Darkmoore where Greeklords lived (fun times).

Our stay at Mathyra would be short lived and the time when I started disliking Heldy:
- Azure was on trial to join BdW's alliance (can't remember the name);
- Azure had kicked Vanilla Soprano from the clan due to whatever problems with him;
- Vanilla forms his 1 man clan and joins BdW's alliance on trial as well;
- Heldy accepts this and the guy actually comes to Mathyra and wants to bind there;
- We refuse but Heldy wants to force us to let him bind there;
- We obviously kill him on sight;
- We get kicked or leave from the alliance trial to the dismay of Wolfen Silva (if I remember correctly);
- To this day I wonder why Heldy forced our hand to disobey the alliance and leave it, in detriment of a 1 man clan. It definitly helps explain why lots of people call her a ***** and a *** ****.

So there we are again... homeless... but with our pride intact! And at least, we were out of that white wasteland!

A new chapter begins... with ANG ANG ANG!!!!


  1. Nice one, keep it going :)

    I have to say i didn't dislike Niff that much. I think that Rubyaat can be way more unforgiven. Although, if Ul'sulak is the city I'm thinking it is, it was the best city in that continent, with lots of resources around, and some good spawns all around, including some newbie spawns to the south.

    BTW, Yanick asked you to ignore the incident of the moonbeast in your chronicles.. :D

  2. Yeah, and I'll also leave out the other incident that happened after you logged off :D

    Thanks for the feedback!