Monday, 17 January 2011

Little Introduction - part 1 (MMORPGs and 1st DF clan)

Hello there.

My nick is Thaliost Riverblade and I like Darkfall.

I started playing MMORPGs with a free trial of Anarchy Online and it was completly awsome. I never subscribed because it was too much money for a kid but I got hooked up.

In the meanwhile, I would play "Planetarion", an old space browser game, which charged something like 15€ for 6 months and which was kindly paid by other more mature guildies.

The first real MMORPG I subscribed to was Eve-Online (by "I", I mean my grandfather who had no idea what the hell he was paying for but whose credit card didn't need to know either). The game was great with all the sand in the box, real political drama unfolding before our eyes, a huge and prosperous player driven market ever fueled by constant wars.

I played for almost a year until I changed to World of Warcraft. It was a great game, with entertaining quests and very well polished (imo). It lasted 3 months... after hitting level 60 the game became boring and devoided of a raison d'ĂȘtre.

I had to wait a lot until Darkfall, to the disbelief of many (specially after Dark n' Light's failure), was launched. Finally! A game with consequences to your actions, with conquerable cities, political action and semi-decent crafting/trading system.

I was accepted into beta and despite the bugs, it was awsome! The servers were loaded, clan activity was huge, people everywhere... ACTION everywhere. The potential for what players and clans could dream of and do was unparalleled!
The grind at the time was insane but noone even realized it or used the term "grind" because everyone was more or less at the same level and all the fights were intense and fun. During beta, I joined Fist of Europe, a sub-guild of one of Hyperion's main clans (can't remember which). It was a normal smallish clan of friendly and laid back people.

Then game launch came... and I couldn't get an account for the life of me. I saw everyone around me eventually getting one, I read the forums with the daily announcements of cities being conquered and characters evolving and I felt left behind. After 2 weeks of trying to buy an account I thought SCREW YOU AVENTURINE... and I stopped worrying about DF.

Around the time the 1€ trial was announced, I decided to take the game for a spin and finally subscribed. I started by joining Dusk Raiders (or something like that) which was a badly organized clan but semi-fun nonetheless, due to the bunch of active players who did a lot of stuff together. It was also exciting because it was the first time I was living outside NPC holdings, at the city of Tughri.

Hmm... this seems to be running long so I'll make it part 1 and continue on in part 2!

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