Monday, 17 January 2011

Little Introduction - part 3 (ANG ANG ANG!!!!)

This is turning out bigger than I thought... but moving on...

Mathyra hamlet and furry Heldy out of the picture, we were homeless again. But it didn't take long until we find a new home again. This time with the creepiest possible bunch: ANG.

I didn't know them nor their reputation at the time and they seemed to me like leet pvpers as so many others I had seen and been around with.

We joined them probably at the height of their power. They had lots of holdings and we could live in any of them. We moved to Kholesh near the centre dungeon, but some clan members moved around frequently to other holdings (like Seelie) for some quiet PVEing.

One of the episodes I remember and which reflects the "top notch" communication and caring is one time, when we are asked to gear up and go with them out of the city (Kvitstein in the north before SUN conquered it). I mount up, go after them to the shore and I see a small ship... cool, only been in one once before.
I'm handed a repair tool and repair shards and told we are going to the sea tower. Cool, even if we were treated as cannon fodder. Anyways, we end up losing the small boat and everyone dies (hurray).

After about a month of living in Kholesh and having our members a bit spread out through ANG's several holdings, we decide it's time to get a place of our own where we can unite and re-kindle the clan spark again. A discussion in Azure's forums goes on for a while to chose either to buy a city (think it was Tughri) or conquer Ghanalaj in Rubayiat.
The voting favours Ghana which means siege time... my first offensive siege!

When Azure's leadership informs ANG of our next move, they offer to pay for the siege and in return, although the city would be ours, it would oficially belong to ANG, which would also enable the usage of their portal network and therefore, fast mutual help if needed. We agree, which would come to be our demise later on.

I ended up only participating in the eve of the siege with a huge ship and 3 spider scarabs being spawned to tear down the walls. The next day, when I get back home in the evening, the city is already ours. For non-important informational purposes, the attacks were launched from Elharrat (another Rubayiat city which belonged to ANG).

The guys who used to live in Ghana (Pain Killers?) were extremely pissed. At a time when people complained a lot of lifeless holdings where noone lived, we had kicked an active clan from their city. All I can say about that is we wanted it and life sucks :) I still remember one of the characters who lived there, Union Jack, for his frequent harassment outside our city, killing me at least once while I gathered herbs near the river. Apart from these small nuisances we, or at least I, had a good life, enjoying a mine and some nice spawns nearby.

The longer we stayed in ANG FRISST KINDER alliance, the more retarded those guys seemed. We had no friendly ties whatsoever, they were all german speaking, they were mentally impaired and led by a mcdonald's employee with deluded ideas of grandeur. We decided this was not what we wanted from an alliance and after one month of living in Ghanalaj, we wanted to leave and keep our city. They demanded from us 500.000 gold in advance to cover what they called their "siege costs". Grumply but eager to part ways, we accepted only to have them take and keep our money without ever releasing the city to us.

This was a huge blow to the clan which had already some members who were getting tired of Darkfall, as is so common and which happened with myself at a later time. We were not only homeless but also penyless this time, which in combination with some members leaving or quitting, resulted in the end of the clan Azure.

The only satisfaction coming out of this was the start of the end for the ANG minions. Having been scammed, the only thing left for us to do was going public with it, which turned in a pretty interesting thread and shattered all good opinions unknowing players could have had for ANG: - ANG sinks to a new low (500k scam)

And for easy access, the disclosed Teamspeak conversation: - WHAT IS FAIR IS FAIR DUDE!

They went downhill from this time onwards.

And what about me? I followed quite a few other members into Lux Arcana, which apparently will need a part 4 to be addressed.

I'm trying not to screw up here but as you have already probably figured out, I'm not very good with names.

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