Friday, 22 April 2016

DF:RoA - Life in Ymneck owned by Immortals

For the last week or two, Immortals has been living in the city of Ynmelek in the desert island of Rubaiyat (south west) - aka Ruby for those who are intimate.

The fact that we are in alpha and the increased gains specifically for the alpha, means that everyone has levelled up their character to the maximum and has easy access to gear, so the need (and will) to go PvE is highly diminished.

And as such, we are left with the activities of duelling, having PvP visits from distinguished guests and going out to make PvP visits of our own (we mainly do these to our Russian neighbours who live in Khayud - a city that is on the frontier of the mainland continent and Ruby)...

No matter how much I duel, I still keep dying a lot. PvP group fights are more fun because it is easier to stay alive.

The only script I own is the sprint script which makes me run every time I move forward (W) but it messes up a lot as in I have to reset it. It also ends up draining up my stamina must faster than what I used to in DF1 before I used any script.

In any case, I'm still messing up my bindings a lot and need to spend some serious time looking at it and philosophically pondering on how to set them up.

On the 2 visits I've been on to Khayud, we always win and it's been very enjoyable. They also come out to fight us every time, even if losing, which is very nice. I'm sure they are also happy we come to visit, since it's always exciting.

In the last visit, just yesterday, we went in the city and up the elevator to where Khayud inhabitants had retreated. They seemed to be trying to repel us but were not very successful (we were probably were more in number as well).

I see an elf in bone armor mid health jumping from a top to the water and me, mighty Thaliost Riverblade, Widowmaker, Bane of Humankind, el Destroyer, jumps off to the water and kill him. I wish someone had taped my shining moment.

I message the guy saying GF and asking if he was a noob player because he seemed to move around like me :D He replies average and I tell him I am a noob. He replies back that I seemed like I knew what I was doing. And I just smile with imaginary shades on and air guitaring like a boss!
It wasn't anything to be proud about but I did look like a god damn boss, jumping into the water without fear for my life!

A bit later we are chasing 2 fat dworfs (aka fat dwarves) and invariably we go inside the water. I kill 1 but another of those piglets kills me :(

In any case, it was FUN!

And such is the life in Ruby island!

PS - Immortals clan is also witnessing quite some applications from old DF1 players whose clans have not joined the alpha, so it is nice to see new blood even if  with old ties.

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